SCANDEFA 2012 (Scandinavian Dental Fair)

13. January 2012  
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SCANDEFA (Scandinavian Dental Fair) is the annual scandinavian trade fair for tandlægeteamet and dentalbranchen. The fair connects new knowledge about products, research and clothing, and has more than 10,000 visitors from Scandinavia and other countries, as well as over 150 exhibitors.

The fair in 2011 had 11.422 visitors

In parallel with the fair SCANDEFA 2012, arranged by Bella Center, is held year course, organized by the Tandlægeforeningen (

SCANDEFA 2012 is a trade fair for dentists, dental assistants, dental technicians, dental hygienists and professionals.

There is a approach to online registration 1 month before the opening of SCANDEFA 2012.

Opening HOURS
26.-28. april 2012
Thursday 26. april 10.00-18.00
Friday 27. april 09.00-18.00
Saturday 28. april 09.00-15.00

See video from the fair

On Scandefa


SCANDEFA is held for the first time in 1968 at the Bella Center at Bellahøj in Copenhagen, denmark as a part of the Tandlægeforeningens Kursusnævns largest annual vocational training course for the members. In 1976 moved to the messe, and of course to the Bella Center at the same address on Amager.

Tandlægeforeningens Courses
Tandlægeforeningen started the course in 1934, on fol.a. Mercur Hotel in Copenhagen with a very small udstillingsdel, and the event is moved, as mentioned above, the Bella Center in 1968. And 1982 was the event always the beginning of January and was Januarkursus – from 1983, moved the event to march under the name of year course.

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