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Training to the dentist

Question: My boy would like to read dentist but has a very low average in his grades up to 6 . He has the ability to read the tandplej and later were admitted at the dental studio either along the way or after he is finished as a tandplej. He just want to only read dentist 🙂 Hope for a good advice. If he gets tandplej , how much tjner... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Education
Com bill not too fast?

Question: hi dentists, I have been tasked by my parents to find out a long time from the bill comes to paying, the episode was following my papfar had to be to the dentist, and the used 3000,- with a treatment that was not completely finished, so you could say it was a mellembetaling, for the first part. here the other day got... [See questions and answers]

loose tooth

Question: A tooth as I have gotten rodbehandlet about 5 years ago,has suddenly gone loose and can shake 1-2 millimeters. Is there a danger of the fall out ? mvh Berth Answer: Dear Kaj, It doesn't sound like a good sign when it suddenly is gone loose. It can be the is broken. You must seek out your dentist to have it be - or ruled out. Hope... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Teeth
Gold or Silver?

Question: It is about the denture/teeth in gold/silver. For approx. 14. days ago I got the prosthesis no. 2. The first one I have had for a few years. This is gold-plated. When I got the prosthesis no. 2 was made of glossy metal. In advance, I have a greater molar which is also gold-plated. When I smile very much, one can see both metals from the outside.What is... [See questions and answers]

Should I go through a second kæbeoperation?

Question: Dear doctor I am a girl of almost 19 years, and has been under treatment in ca. 3 years now with specialtandlægerne in tooth-,mouth-and the department at Rigshospitalet in copenhagen. Before I was sent to the university hospital, I had an undershot mouth that I inherited from my father, and my teeth were very crooked. My upper was also very narrow. I got to know... [See questions and answers]

Violent pain

Question: I started a week ago to get the indescribable violent pain in my tooth, where it after some days felt as if all the teeth in the same side did hurt very much. I was at the dentist's today and was diagnosed with a hole, which had gone down to the nerve, which was causing the extreme pain. I have now got it made, but now... [See questions and answers]


Question: Hello! I am a girl of 30 years who have overbid. I got nakketræk when I was in primary school, but was not good to use it and therefore stopped the treatment which I regret today. I would like to have fixed my front teeth. They stick too much out. But unfortunately I'm not interested in getting the railway tracks, but would very much like to have... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Cosmetic dentistry
Large incisors

Question: Hello. I have a long time been really upset about my front teeth which stick out and are large in relation to the rest of the teeth in my mouth. I could well imagine what a recommended treatment will be. Have read about implantanter and/or porcelain crowns. Which one of the two would be the best option for me and is there at all... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Other questions
Swelling and pain after operative tandfjernelse

Question: Hello. I got 3 days ago operated on a horizontal lying visdomstand out of the left mandible. The operation was very unpleasant when I had pain during it(which was also bad ex post). Now on the 3 day I seemed to have still sharp pain and a very nasty taste and lugti mouth, I get pennicillin and painkillers but... [See questions and answers]

2 year, and the gap in the teeth??

Question: Hello..... Sitting here with the worst feeling ever... the Feeling of, to be the worst mother!!! My daughter, 2 years old, has had “teething problems” with regards to teeth brushing... It was with the “abuse” that I had brushed her teeth. But the last few years there is progress, as long as... [See questions and answers]

It is not the dentist's responsibility?

Question: Got the 5/10 -2011 put a crown on a broken molar in the mouth, without rodbh. Now 2 months after I have hurt and can't chew, eat or drink cold/hot. Been at the dentist that has taken the rgt, nothing to see, nor inflammation, but was a precaution set in vipicombin bh 600mg. This has not helped. My question... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Teeth
Problem with the 6 year tooth

Question: I've just been to the dentist and he found, unfortunately, yet again, the hole in a 6 year tooth. This is the fourth time there is a hole in this tooth, so eventually the right destroyed. It's only been 2 years since I last got the drill out and made a big plastfyldning in, but now there is a hole by the side of this. I had, unfortunately, also a... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Teeth
Concern ang. treatment of gingivitis

Question: Hi, I am a girl of 17 (soon 18) years of age living in Aalborg. Recently told my dentist to me that I have gingivitis. Therefore, I've got a soft brush, flossing and the order to rinse the mouth 2 times daily in khlorhexidin in 14 days. I do all the above things, and have made it in 5 days. But my problem is... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Treatment
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