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Removed visdomstand, but no stitches?


Hello Dentist Letterbox
I got operated on a visdomstand out today, who lay almost horizontally in the jaw in the right side. I have not particularly hurt, I can chew and talk without problems, but is very sore up under the jaw, also when I turn the head. It is well, what you can expect after an intervention, but I have read others ' feature, and it seems as if they have all been stitched? I'm not – it bleeds part, if I sneeze or tensing my abdominal muscles and there is a huge black hole down the right side of my undermund. It is necessary to be stitched after such an operation is a little nervous with regard to the intake of, for example, cola, as I have a close relationship with (I'm familiar with acid injuries, so it is not a part of my question), but are there any types of food or drinks that do not come in the open crater?

Sincerely Cæcilia


Dear Cæcilia

It is very common that you will be stitched after an operation. But your dentist has the well rated to the evs. was not necessary in your case. You should seek out the dentist again if you are uneasy. But you must like to drink Coke :)

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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