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Should I go through a second kæbeoperation?


Dear doctor
I am a girl of almost 19 years, and has been under treatment in ca. 3 years now with specialtandlægerne in tooth-,mouth-and the department at Rigshospitalet in copenhagen. Before I was sent to the university hospital, I had an undershot mouth that I inherited from my father, and my teeth were very crooked. My upper was also very narrow. I was told by dentists that my teeth can only be corrected with an operation, and later with the braces. The operation should help to get more space for the teeth at the top. I made the operation and is now really happy with the result. I've got straight teeth, both the top and bottom, and I no longer undershot. But another problem has cropped up, and that is that my upper is a little bit skewed(almost can not be seen), ie. it's been a little over towards the right side. So it can be corrected with another surgery, but I said no to make the operation, because what's important was for me to get the straight teeth and not on my jaws is exactly right on top of each other. The dentist then said that if I had made the second operation, I will with the days might get undershot again, because the teeth at the top has nothing to hold onto(hope this is understandable).Is this true, will I really get the undershot again? I really need tandlægernes help here, because I do not want to go through another operation. Hope you will answer me, and thank you in advance.


Dear Sara,

I think you should follow specialist advice. It is them who has you under consideration.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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