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There is no guarantee for bad workmanship?


I have a question regarding a broken tooth due. a root canal treatment. Now I can see in one of your replies that there is no guarantee for root canal treatment??
I got in the month of march made a root canal, and it looked fine, said the dentist, but now there broken a piece of the tooth and the treatment is also broken, as I can shake with the other side of the tooth. This must be bad craft, and must be able to be covered by a warranty??
I look forward to hearing from you.



Dear Henry Wadsworth,

First I will say that your tooth is not necessarily broken just because it has been rodbehandlet. There are several reasons why a tooth gets rodbehandlet, and often there is not much left of a tooth when there is rodbehandlet. It sounds as if your tooth is broken, and it is something that can happen. When the dentist looks at the quality of a root canal, he will look at the rodfyldningen, ie. he replaces tandnerven with, it's close. And that is what he mean by that it looks fine. To the tooth ruptures has not necessarily something with poor craft to make, but is a quite common complication, which in some cases can happen.

You are not covered by any form of warranty at the dentist. But think that has been a model of a Danish dentist, have the opportunity to complain about the treatment. You can read more about how to complain about a dentist here.

You can also apply for compensation from the Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring. You can read more about compensation for malpractice here.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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