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The dentist have sanded too much in a penny



I've got a new crown put on a tooth which she ladle! And when the new crown was put in and I was comfortable that was the little too big / tall!! she ladle it a little bit, and it came to fit. But when I then came home and kikket in the mirror I could see that she has sanded too much in the new crown of which is sanded down to something black!!! through the white!!!

( now I understand better that she did not gave me the mirror so I could see it down there!!)

It seemed too bad, what can I ask?
For I must pay much money for it, I believe they talked about 7,318,-
Can I ask for. A new tooth?
And it is not more fragile where she has sanded too much of?

Will be happy for your opinion / help

Sincerely, John


Dear John,

From your description of events, I believe that you ought to be eligible for a new crown at the dentist's expense, or at least a discount in the price. But it is something you should talk with your dentist about. If you can't agree on an amicable solution for both parties, you have the opportunity to complain about dental treatment. It is often a long process, and you do not for the dentist's bill in the first place.

Read more about it a complaint about a dental treatment

The crown is not necessarily more fragile, where the dentist have sanded too much of that. So it is perhaps more a matter of how it looks. But of course it depends of how much she has sanded, which I of the reasons can not say anything about it.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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