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Afraid to lose my teeth when the temporary crown must of


Loved Ones Dentist.

I have 2 months ago got crowns on front teeth for cosmetic reasons. These are according to the dentist temporarily fixed, as I had to get used to them first. The one is lopsided and goes 3mm out over the other. This should now be made, and we have agreed to do both to fully ceramic crowns instead of the metalkeramiske as the dentist had first chosen. I am just so terribly nervous, that my own teeth become loose, when the crowns lirkes of. It seems like they sit very firm.I don't know which glue the dentist used. But my biggest nightmare is to suddenly lose my front teeth completely. Can you help with your experience in this area.

Kind regards, B


Dear B,

There is surely no reason to be so nervous. Often the crowns sit very tightly when you have put them temporarily on. But there is no reason to your own teeth would go loose. If that were the case, then would your dentist hardly suggest this treatment.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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