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Complaint about teeth whitening



I have a couple of days ago got my top 6 front teeth bleached at my dentist. My one incisor is a slightly darker than the other, when it in order to use my dentist's words, is “the sand” after a blow from mælketanden blurted out when I was about. 3 years old. During the whitening was the first for themselves, with a product which was smeared on in 1 – 1½ mm layer thickness and then it should be stirred around with a kind of spatula (made dentist) in 10 min, then got all 6 front teeth the place in 10 min. Right after the treatment I could see a bit of difference, but already after 4 -5 hours, I think that I was back at the starting point, and could/can be no difference, see. My dentist has not yet received payment, then she would switch plastic fillings. But it is not necessary to get switched plastic fillings when I can't see farveforskellen longer. My question is whether it can be right that I need to pay a few thousand kr for no difference or whether I can complaint or the like?

Vh Mette


Dear Mette,

I think you should talk with your dentist about what you think. It is hard for me to comment on such a specific question, when I do not know how the starting point was and how it looks today. I do not believe that you will get something out of that complaint, as your dentist immediately not have made a wrong treatment.

Even if you complain about the treatment, you should be aware that you do not let to pay the bill. So immediately I would suggest that you find a solution together with your dentist.

You can read more about complaints against dentists here

Useful contact information in connection with a possibly. complaint you will find here

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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It suggests that it is kæbeleddet in the right side that bothers you. Talk to your dentist about it. He can also rule out whether it comes from the teeth or the muscles.

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