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Should I be on painkillers for a month?


Dear dentist,

I now have over a longer period of time to live with dental pain and I fear that it will.
The summer of 2008 I switch dentist due. moving, here I get made a number of holes. Immediately after this is generated I of pain in the back upper molars on one side, and my dentist lubricates my tooth necks and gives me a softer toothbrush. The teeth continue to be sore and when I thought that my problems arose in connection with the new dentist, I choose to switch.
A day hit I sharp pain in my whole one hovedhalvdel, it comes in ”bursts” of a few minutes with regular intervals. I go first to the doctor in attendance, as I think it is the sinuses, then to the vagttandlægen, that gives me painkillers and proposes a root canal at my own dentist. I get started on a root canal a day before I travel away to a 5 month stay in Spain with the message that I need to follow up on it down there. Down there lays a dentist something cleansing (camphor-like) and it can according to him be allowed to sit the next 5 months. In the period I am virtually painless. July 2009 I followed up on rodbehandlingen, it will be cleaned and washed over several times (it hurts in between each time) so she dare not close it. When the pain is reduced, it closes and then I have no problems until about august when it starts to hurt a little sometime in between – now it is taken to and I take ibuprofen f
stores times daily to be able to keep it off. I was at the dentist yesterday and she took a picture and could not see anything. She took my visdomstand (at the side of the rodbehandlede tooth) and gave me a penicillin-cure, which I'm on now and a message to come back in a month. It seems I'm a long time having to be on pain medication.
I would really just like to hear you whether it is normal procedure, and whether you see. what I have written does my dentist take care of it, as she should. I have no chances even to assess.
The pain I can best describe as a kind of ”clamp”, as if there is excess pressure in the tooth (and it pains also in the teeth by the side of, and little in them at the bottom of the same page)
Thank you in advance for answers,

Mvt. Mette


Dear Mette,

It is a very boring situation you've ended up in. It is always difficult to assess something, when there have been more dentists involved, since you do not have in-depth knowledge of the entire course of the disease. And it is also hard for me to comment on someone so specifically.

I think your current dentist is doing is right, from the nature of the problem she is facing at the present time. It is not uncommon that patients get told to take painkillers in a period of time in order to see if the pain subsides or disappears altogether. My recommendation is that you follow your dentist's instructions, also mht. to the pain medication. But if you even think that the pain did not subside or is to hold out, should you seek out your dentist again.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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