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Last answered questions in the "Pain and Anesthesia"

What is general anesthesia?

Question: What is general anesthesia? Allan Answer: Dear Allan, The word anesthesia has its origin from the Greek word narkosis, which means stunning. The professional word for narcosis, Anesthesia, which is also derived from a Greek word, anaisthesia, which means “no sense”. Anesthesiology is the study of bedøvelsesmidlers use. And doctors... [See questions and answers]

Should I be on painkillers for a month?

Question: Dear dentist, I now have over a longer period of time to live with dental pain and I fear that it will. The summer of 2008 I switch dentist due. moving, here I get made a number of holes. Immediately after this is generated I of pain in the back upper molars on one side, and my dentist lubricates my tooth necks and provides... [See questions and answers]

Where can I find a dentist that can give anesthetic treatment?

Question: Where can I find a dentist that can give anesthesia treatment, as general anaesthesia does not work on me. I live in", by Randers. Can it really be that there might be a three month waiting period? I would like to have made my holes by the year 2010. Christina Answer: Dear Christina, Your own dentist can refer you to a dentist... [See questions and answers]

Sensitive tooth after new filling

Question: I have 2 weeks ago had a filling in my 5. tooth in right over the mouth (spoken from the center). With the same stunning stopped working, I could feel a significant sensitivity when I chew on it. In addition, I can feel a strong tension in the palate and sometimes also in the tooth. These Symptoms came with the same stunning... [See questions and answers]

What caused swelling in the gums?

Question: I've got a crown on -6 and several times seen laterally a swelling in the gum and tried with penecillin and several times klorheksidin pasta but it comes back, it is very sore when I press on the swelling,what can it caused?? Brian Answer: Dear Brian, It suggests that the tooth must rodbehandles. There is most likely a... [See questions and answers]

Pain in the jaw once in a while

Question: Hello Dentistry, Since my last visits to the dentist, I have had pain in my jaw once in a while. It was the worst right after my last visits to the dentist. So I had not so big problems in 2-3 months. But now it starts to get worse again. It varies how long that go from. It might take 1 day or 3 weeks, in between I have hurt... [See questions and answers]

Examine sore tooth with the scanning

Question: Hello. My incisor no.2 is sore, if I possibly tykker on something a little hard, you can't see that there is something wrong on the ray, the nerve in the tooth is also examined and are in working order, what can there be wrong? you have the opportunity to examine this, possibly, by a scan? With kind regards Else Answer: Dear Else, If you f.ex. cuts teeth... [See questions and answers]

Problems with to get the anesthesia to work

Question: Now I have the last several times at the dentist, where I have been stunned experienced that my body is starting to shake inside, get heart palpitations and feel tired and heavy. They can never really stun me where I should be, maybe after 2 – 3 – 4 attempt, whereupon I saw one really bad. My dentist says it is nothing... [See questions and answers]

Use bideskinne and have pain in the kæbeled

Question: I am 51 years old and is extremely troubled by the pain in my kæbeled, use bite splint at night, but does not help. have undershot and wry bites, there is never any dentist who has spoken on any kind of treatment, what do I do for my dentist turn it over with that there always comes something with age ???? Pat Answer: Dear Pat If... [See questions and answers]

The dentist works so uncomprehending facing my pain

Question: I think, actually, that my pain threshold is ok high – has given birth to 3 children without anesthesia and made a part of the dentist in the last few months. also without anesthetic But av av av I have such a toothache and have had it for almost a week and a half now Trying to say to myself that it's just nonsense and now I must take me along, but... [See questions and answers]

Pain at the change to plastic fillings

Question: I have changed all my old fillings with plastic. It is soon 3 months ago and I still have pain in most of the mouth. It is usually at the udskiftnig to plastic fillings or should I consult my dentist? Anonymous Answer: Dear user It is very common that the teeth can be sore after a new plastfyldning.... [See questions and answers]

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