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Pain again, again


My 5’is in the left-hand sides undermund hurts. I have had problems with dental pain in the for several years. It is rodbehandlet, but still pain. Drilled out again. Still feel pain. Penicillin, Primcillin several times and Metronidasol 1X. Last roddehandl.for almost 3 years ago, where I was given penicillin several times. The dentist said that if the inflammation was not completely gone, it would spread to the weakest tooth.It came 2 weeks later, where visdomstanden the same side was violently inflamed and had to be removed.Since the pain has come and gone, often quite violent, so it feels up in the above tooth and almost spreads in the cheek.The tooth is brushed in the dental neck, as it at the same time is very sensitive to cold.The tooth is of course x-rayed several times, without my dentist can see anything. The hygienist has talked about a fistula, which komemr and go, but even at a rodspidsoperation believe she does not, you can be sure, the pain subsides.
18 years ago I was out for an accident, and it turned out somewhere along the way, that was on fine cracks in several molars, which are either rodbehandlede or removed.I get 10 mg.Amitriptyline dgl.for nerve pain, as I feel around in the head after hjerneraumet.

Sincerely, Swiften


Dear Swiften,

If there is something with a fistula that comes and goes, it should be treated regardless of whether there is doubt as to whether the pain subsides or not. Me aware can the inflammation from the one tooth not attack some other weak teeth. So your 5er and visdomstand are two different things.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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