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Pain at the change to plastic fillings


I have changed all my old fillings with plastic. It is soon 3 months ago and I still have pain in most of the mouth. It is usually at the udskiftnig to plastic fillings or should I consult my dentist?



Dear user

It is very common that the teeth can be sore after a new plastfyldning. Some of the symptoms up to 6 months and the other will never be symptom-free. If this has great genes, the tooth probably rodbehandles. It is always a good idea to seek out a dentist if you are in doubt or in pain. I don't know how many fillings it is in your case, but maybe tyggefladen be adjusted, if you chew too hard on the teeth, it can also cause symptoms.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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