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loose tooth

Question: A tooth as I have gotten rodbehandlet about 5 years ago,has suddenly gone loose and can shake 1-2 millimeters. Is there a danger of the fall out ? mvh Berth Answer: Dear Kaj, It doesn't sound like a good sign when it suddenly is gone loose. It can be the is broken. You must seek out your dentist to have it be - or ruled out. Hope... [See questions and answers]

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It is not the dentist's responsibility?

Question: Got the 5/10 -2011 put a crown on a broken molar in the mouth, without rodbh. Now 2 months after I have hurt and can't chew, eat or drink cold/hot. Been at the dentist that has taken the rgt, nothing to see, nor inflammation, but was a precaution set in vipicombin bh 600mg. This has not helped. My question... [See questions and answers]

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Problem with the 6 year tooth

Question: I've just been to the dentist and he found, unfortunately, yet again, the hole in a 6 year tooth. This is the fourth time there is a hole in this tooth, so eventually the right destroyed. It's only been 2 years since I last got the drill out and made a big plastfyldning in, but now there is a hole by the side of this. I had, unfortunately, also a... [See questions and answers]

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Can I have ground a tooth down?

Question: Hi, I have a very tip to the tooth. I almost just got my hanger and I actually well to the peace, except that I have a tooth, it goes much further down than the other teeth and when I smile I can feel it on my lips and if I push can I push it out of the mouth, while the other teeth are still inside the mouths.... [See questions and answers]

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Bridge 3 led

Question: I have made a 3 part bridge, rear molar + the 2 next in undermunden. When I chew with the 3 part bridge, it seems not quite right – not quite the same bite. It is as if it is harder to chew in the side where the 3 part bridge. Outside my teeth nice tightly closed, but when I feel with tongue, I can feel... [See questions and answers]

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You can get fixed teeth in him?

Question: You can get fixed teeth in him. Have had the rail before when I was a little less. But have talked with my doctor, he says it the same if you don't feel comfortable you should get it fixed. Panum I have heard a little about the students who undersøæger the teeth. But don't know if they can also fix the teeth as it is my... [See questions and answers]

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The death of a tooth after affixed to the crown

Question: Hello I've got the makings of a crown on a molar,but I can still not chewing with the tooth. It is now almost 1 year ago, and the two times I have been cut something of the hump, as she believed this could be the reason for that I can't chew. This has not helped, and now consider my dentist to the nerve may be dying and that... [See questions and answers]

Can root canals be avoided by changing lifestyle?

Question: Hello. Thinking In the dentists never over whether root canals can be avoided by restructuring of the diet and their ways of life, as f.example,smoking, lack of exercise ? I have had many root canals, they first as a teenager and since then have teeth just not been in order and is now falling apart in small pieces, fordii no longer... [See questions and answers]

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Is my tooth rodbehandlet?

Question: I have lost a crown, went to the dentist, who could tell me, that it could not be put in again when there was Karius in the tooth, also said that there was rodebehandlet,which I believe it is(it is a number of years ago). Pga. disease partly at the dentist and me, I have now gone with the “open” root in about a month, where it is... [See questions and answers]

Got suddenly, the space between the front teeth

Question: Hello, I am a boy of 20 years. I have always had reasonably nice teeth, and they have always been close to each other. But here the other da I noticed that have a little space between my two front teeth, they are sitting close enough up against the gums, but from the middle down to the tip is that got a small space. It is not... [See questions and answers]

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Can fluorbehandling give dangerous side effects?

Question: Is flourbehandling necessary ? Can vædsken give dangerous side effects ? Anonymous Answer: Dear user, To use fluorbehandling to different kinds of treatments. It is always an evaluative case when it is necessary or not. There is not dangerous side effects of a fluorbehandling. If you swallow a lot of fluoride, it can cause stomach upset,... [See questions and answers]

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Goes and bites the expediency and pushes the tongue against the teeth

Question: have always had space between the front teeth, for about 4 years ago I had filled it out with plastic. without problems. so about a year ago broke it and it was orderly. but since then I have had a tendesn I have not had before, with all the time to go and bite the expediency and pushing the tongue against the teeth. what caused it? is it something I... [See questions and answers]

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All the teeth when not with each other when I bite together

Question: Hello! I got the d.2/11 Made a hole, acute with a new,young dentist who is employed in tandlægehuset where else I have had the same dentist for 25 years.She couldn't anaesthetise me properly and had to seek help from a colleague (my own dentist had free). she stuck with the needle about 12 times!! It turned out that the neighboring tooth also have... [See questions and answers]

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