Have you been treated by dentists abroad?

  • 25. september 2012 (News)  

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    Have you been treated by dentists abroad, and has subsequently experienced discomfort or complications?

    We are two journalism students from the University of Southern denmark, which is in time with a history of dental treatment abroad.

    If you have been a model or have experienced discomfort associated with dental treatment abroad, we would like to hear from you.

    Each year, there are a number of danes treated abroad, but many are not aware that problems can occur if work is not carried out well enough.

    The Danish health care system covers not, if you have to have made improvements, when you come home.

    Future patients need to know more about what you need to be aware of at dental treatment abroad. Here you have the opportunity to provide important advice on.
    Ny portal gør det lettere at klage over tandlægen
    Send an email to: alhec07@student.sdu.dk

    With kind regards

    Alexander and Carina

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