How expensive is a visit to the dentist really?

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    What is the cost of a regular examination at the dentist? This is a question many have difficulty to answer, shows a study by Epinion made for Tandlægeforeningen among 1.003 danes.

    Many young people do not, that a regular study only costs 83 kr., when one is 18-25 years old, while adults over the age of 25 will pay 142 kr. A teeth cleaning costs 178 kr.
    Among the participants in the study had each seventh not been to the dentist in the last two years. Of this group believed 47 per cent., to a regular dental examination costing more than dkk 300. Actually believed almost every fourth, that the price had to be over 400 kr.

    Myths and guesswork
    – It shows that the perception that it is expensive to go to the dentist, often based on guesswork rather than facts, especially among those who opt out of the dentist. There seems to have been built up a myth about tandlægernes rates, as they do not go regularly to the dentist, has been caught up in, says Susanne Andersen.

    Susanne Andersen, President of the Tandlægeforeningen

    The lack of knowledge for the price of a regular dentist, however 36 per cent. of those who have been to the dentist within the last two years.

    – In Tandlægeforeningen we find it positive that a dental examination is significantly cheaper than many expect. But only if it helps to make the experience at the dentist even better. For if the erroneous perception of the price to get someone to keep away from the dentist, it is extremely unfortunate. The regular inspections have a deterrent effect and can help to detect any problems early, so that the individual can prevent both major dental procedures and great tandlægeregninger, says Tandlægeforeningens president, Susanne Andersen.

    It is a problem that many young people are dropping the regular visits to the dentist, and it makes Tandlægeforeningen now something about the campaign tandfix.dkthat is targeted at young people of 18-25 years. The campaign must tell the young that it can have a big impact to drop the dentist visit, and that it is actually better to go regularly to the dentist than to let be.

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    4 comments on the article “How expensive is a visit to the dentist really?”
    1. paw says:

      yes hello we are in the 2013-2014 a teeth cleaning costs 307 kr
      and control of the preventive treatment costs 122
      so a regular trip to the dentist cost about 500kr
      Greeting paw

      • Hi Paw,

        Thank you for your comment.

        Now, the article is quite true from October 2010. But today's prices are not that high, as many go around and think.

        I can shortly mention the price of the above-mentioned services. Here the patient must per. 1. October 2013 pay kr. 187,06 for a cleaning a, or kr. 134,50 for a teeth cleaning b. And control of the individual preventive treatment costs, quite correctly kr. 122,58.

        Regular diagnostic study for 18-25 year olds costs£. 87,19 and from 26 years kr. 149,47.

        So there is now no talk about the massive changes in the past 3 years. All the mentioned prices are fixed and agreed with the public health insurance.

    2. Here is a list with all the prices of dental services with a grant from the public health insurance. Honorartabellerne contains the fixed prices agreed for the voksentandplejen

      For patients in sygesikringsgruppe 1 is the price fixed in most cases. The price for a treatment you will find in the column headed Patient.

      For patients in sygesikringsgruppe 2 there are NOT fixed prices.

      Some prices are set with a fixed allowance and a variable patientbetaling. Here reference is made to the individual dentist's price list, which according to the agreement with the public health insurance, must be seen in the waiting room.

      Honorartabeller pr. 1. October 2013 to 1. april 2014

    3. If you have difficulty to get the money to number of the necessary dental treatment, you can find some really good dentist abroad, as both provide the good quality and reasonable prices 🙂

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