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Easier to complain about the dentist

A new website has made it easier to complain if you are dissatisfied with the treatment at his private practice dentist. The new website has been created by Tandlægeforeningen in cooperation with the Danish Regions.

The website is developed to make it more simple for patients to get an overview of what you can do if you are dissatisfied with the treatment or the bill from his dentist.

Ago called Tandklage.dk, and on the is there easy access to the form, which you must use if you want to file a complaint. You can also read about where you can turn if you want to file a complaint or seek compensation because of an injury. In addition, there is information about what happens with the complaint, when the patient has submitted it, as well as on the klagesystemets building and on appeal.

Danish Regions welcomes the fact that the klagesystemet for private dental practice is now easier to grasp.

– It is important to know your rights, if there is an error or mishap at the dentist, or if you don't agree with it, that stands on the bill. The remedies available to him are quite good. But the system can be difficult to cope with. F. ex. it is important to respect the time limit for appeal, then the complaint would otherwise be rejected, regardless of whether you have the right. It is now easier to complain – and easier to gain an overview of what happens when you have complained, " says Jens Stenbæk (V), chairman of the Regional Wage and Takstnævn.

In Tandlægeforeningen hope that Tandklage.dk will increase the confidence of klagesystemet.

– Of course, we have asked ourselves whether it is Tandlægeforeningens task to encourage patients to complain. Therefor I would say that our general advice for unhappy patients is still, as it first must enter into a dialogue with their dentist. Many complaints are due to misunderstandings, which can often be overcome through a talk with the dentist. But for dentists, as for all other industries, it means a lot for our reputation, that the possibility of complaint about the us is perceived as simple and transparent, says Marianne Riis, who is the chairman of the Tandlægeforeningens Klinikejerforhandlingsudvalg.

Ny portal gør det lettere at klage over tandlægen

New portal makes it easier to complain about the dentist

Complaints about private dentists is processed by a separate complaints system, while grievances over the rest of the health care system goes through the patient complaints board. Klagesystemet on tandlægeområdet opens the possibility that patients who have unsuccessful, can get the money back or get made whole or parts of the processing on the free.

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