The dentist must know everything about your medication use

  • 4. november 2009 (News)  

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    The dentist need to know if you are taking medication or suffer from something. Many patients forget to inform about their medication use, but it can prove to be crucial to the outcome of a dental treatment that the dentist is informed. Up against every tenth dane takes blood-thinning medication to prevent blood clots. But while blodpropperne be prevented, there may occur another problem – namely, increased tendency to bleeding. The bleeding can for example occur, when the patient must have a tooth pulled or made an in-depth cleaning.

    It has been quite a common practice for patients on blood-thinning medication should keep a break in their medication use, before they should have made an intervention at the dentist. New studies now show that there is greater risk to stop treatment than the bleeding, which possibly. incurred by the crackdown, says overtandlæge and orthodontist at kæbekirurgisk afdeling at Glostrup Hospital Simon Storgård Jensen.

    Dentists must take their own precautions when they are treating patients in antiplatelet treatment. There is essential and usually relatively simple to stop the bleeding before the patient leaves the clinic. Numerous drugs may also increase the blødningstendensen, and therefore it is important to know the message, so you can be extra careful, especially with the use of analgesics and antibiotics, highlighting the Simon Storgård Jensen.

    A good advice is therefore: Tell your dentist everything. Even if you can not see that the medication you take has any relevance for your dental treatment.

    The importance of good communication between dentist and patient become firmly established in the Tandlægeforeningens Symposium, where Simon Storgård Jensen is among the many presenters. Tandlægeforeningens Symposium will take place on the 6.-7. november in Aarhus, denmark at the Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel. A little over 1,600 dentists and 600 dental assistants participating in the event, that has the medically compromised patient, as well.

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