Dental care for homeless people and social vulnerable spreads

  • 24. november 2009 (News)  

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    It is no longer only at Bisserne in Copenhagen, that homeless people can get their teeth. Aalborg, Randers, Odense and Aarhus, have now also been granted money to tandplejetilbud to the social vulnerable. At the same time the Copenhagen look forward to another clinic.

    – It is absolutely amazing, that socially disadvantaged people in several places in the country can now get their teeth. Homelessness is not a special phenomenon in Copenhagen. On the contrary. There will be more and more homeless in other major Danish cities. And it is incredibly gratifying that dental care is so well represented in the appropriations for social vulnerable, says dentist Peter Østergaard, who is the chairman of the Bisserne, who operates a dental clinic in the Men's home in Copenhagen.

    Even if the joy is also great in Randers, Aalborg and Odense, are the three cities at the same time disappointing that they have been denied on their applications for the operation of tandklinikkerne.

    – It is scandalous that we haven't got the money for the operation of the clinic. It seems the foolish thing to give us money to establish a clinic and, at the same time ensure that we can actually operate the clinic, says the dentist Reiff new center established, which is one of the main responsible for the project in Odense. Dentist Majbritt Jensen from the project in the municipality of Aalborg, backs up about it.

    The dedicated dentists are now working to ensure funds for the operation, so dental care for the homeless also can be a reality in Randers, Aalborg and Odense.

    Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 14 2009 or

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