Tungepiercinger provides sponge

  • 20. december 2009 (News)  

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    Tungepiercinger giver svamp i munden

    2 out of the 10 piercings in the tongue allows the fungus in the mouth

    A study published in the journal Oral Diseases shows that tungepiercinger gives the sponge. In an israeli study were 115 young healthy tungepiercede persons, compared with 86 healthy young people with piercings outside the mouth. Twice as many of the tungepiercede (20 %) proved to have fungus.

    Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 15 2009 or on www.tandlaegebladet.dk


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    4 comments on the article “Tungepiercinger provides fungus”
    1. Simone says:

      This is just something to scare people..
      I have tongue piercing and brands no difference.
      one dies not even to get the tongue piercing, I've got it 2 times and I'm still healthy and alive..

      • Per says:

        The big question is then whether you have or have had fungus in the mouth?

        The article is based on surveys, and you survive then also as a rule, a fungal infection of the mouth, if you are otherwise healthy and well... 🙂

      • Henrik Eriksen says:

        What a nonsense to write.

        My father smoked cigarettes all his life and died of old age at the age of 92. Should I then conclude that all the bad you write about smoking just to scare people?

    2. Is based on the number of forsøgpersoner, so there is far from enough data to call it for statistical significance. There is no talk about a trend among the survey selected participants.
      But the interesting study that I hope will be followed up on. Tungepiercinger that clamps on the tongue and the wrong cleaners, I can easily imagine could give a decisive negative effect.

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