Regionsrådsmedlem excuse the mess in the North tandlægevagt

  • 18. august 2009 (News)  

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    The president of the Tandlægenævnet in the north of Jutland, Regionsrådsmedlem Marian Geller (V), report himself personally ready with an excuse for a German tourist, who at the weekend in vain tried to get treatment for a severe and acute toothache.

    The German tourist who stayed in a cottage at Grønhøj Beach in north Jutland, was hit by a violent toothache in the night between Saturday and Sunday, writes Nordjyske. The tourist contacted the holiday house operator, immediately tried to contact the Tandlægevagten in north Jutlandwhich had telefontid between the hours of. 9 and 10. But in spite of the uninterrupted phone call for nearly an hour, she came never further than vagttandlægens answering machine.

    Apology from Tandlægenævnets president
    The unfortunate episode has now got the president of the tandlægenævnet in the north of Jutland, regionsrådsmedlem Marian Geller, who has responsibility for tandlægevagten in the Region Nordjylland, to go into the matter. “Under normal circumstances, it is not how it works in northern Jutland,” says Marian Geller to the And announces that she is personally ready with an apology to the German tourist, who at the weekend in vain tried to get hold of tandlægevagten.

    The dentist, who had the weekend's tandlægevagt in the north of Jutland, is, according to Marian Geller, even unhappy over the episode.

    Technical error
    Carsten Rabe Kvist, head of department at Region Nordjylland, says to the North, that there was a technical error. The dentist from the Hanstholm there had the warden at the weekend, had been coupled vagttelefonen over at its own facility, when he was admitted of conversations with people who have got toothache and want to have it sorted immediately.

    The north denmark Region will now teach the technical procedures for dentists, who are in the vagtordningen, in order to avoid that history repeats itself.

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    1. Polle says:

      Reporting Marian Geller also personally ready with an apology to all the danes who tried in vain to get needed dental care in the summer holidays?

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