Water with lemon juice etches the teeth

  • 6. may 2009 (News)  

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    Cola, fruit Juices and smoothies are far from the only drinks you should be careful with, if you want to avoid acid injuries to the teeth. Water with lemon or limeskiver is almost just as bad for the teeth such as cola.

    Summer, sun and cold drinks
    Now summer is approaching rapidly, increasing the need for cold drinks to make the thirst with along with the temperature. In cafes and restaurants is ice-cold tap water with fresh lemon or limeskiver become very popular among the young people, as a “healthy” alternative to the often sukkerfyldte soft drinks, which can also be very acidic.

    But you drink citronvand more than once per day, you risk the enamel on your teeth corrode and after a single summer's consumption, you can look forward to a hefty bill from the dentist in several thousands of dollars, writes Urban. One of the country's leading researchers in the field of dental disease, overtandlæge Ulla Pallesen call tanderosion for a regular epidemic.

    The etching of the teeth
    “It damages the teeth in nearly the same degree as the cola. The more sliced lemon, in a pitcher of water, the more the enamel is etched there. There is no doubt that the pH-value smoking significantly less than the 5.5, which our teeth can withstand,” says Ulla Pallesen, who daily works with and teaches in the dental diseases at Copenhagen University, for Urban. “The enamel is etched slowly, but surely, even if no one marks or can see in the beginning,” explains overtandlæge Ulla Pallesen on.

    Her research shows that the etching of the teeth is a major problem among young people under 30 years of age. And she estimates that the frequency of the disorder is second only to dental caries and periodontal disease. The first and only study on the number of acid injuries among teenagers was made in 2001 in the municipality of Aarhus in cooperation with The Municipal Dentistry in Aarhus. This study showed that every sixth between 15 and 17 years old had severe acid injuries to the teeth.

    How can one protect themselves from acid injuries
    You can't keep from citronvand, and other acidic beverages, you should limit intake to a maximum of once per day. The worst thing you can do is to drink it frequently and at regular intervals through the day, as it takes time for the mouth and the teeth the pH value to stabilise again. The consequence of the frequent acid bath in of the teeth comes creeping, and you can't completely brush-free for them. Indeed, one should avoid to brush the teeth right after consuming acidic drinks, and instead of rinsing the mouth with clean water immediately after use. Acidic beverages should not be consumed with small sips over a long time, but should instead be enjoyed quickly or with a straw.

    You should also be aware that the excessive eating of sour fruits – such as lemons and oranges, as well as chewing of sour candy – as f.ex. wine gums – can dissolve the enamel and allow acid injuries.

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    3 comments on the article “Water with the lemon juice etches the teeth”
    1. Ditte says:

      I wont even rinsing the mouth with salt water when I eat many fruits. Mht. citronvand I have a question: – If you rinse mouth with salt water immediately after you have drunk water with lemon juice – it will then neutralize the mouth? And can this drink cirtonvand without experiencing acid injuries? (that is, if you subsequently rinse the mouth with salt water)

      Thank you in advance for the answer.

    2. Jens says:

      A glass of fresh urine neutralizes most of the coatings.
      So is it even healthy and healing for the body.

    3. Flemming metz says:

      Hello. ang acid injuries, so I have heard in an English program that, in addition to rinsing the mouth with water, can eat one piece of cheese, right after the lemon drink.
      Is there anyone who knows something about whether it works ? thank you in advance for answers/opinions.

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