We are ready to fight obesity

  • 27. august 2009 (News)  

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    Tandlægeforeningen interfering in the current debate about whether dentists should measure and weigh the children in order to prevent obesity.

    ”In Tandlægeforeningens the executive committee we find it natural that dentists are to prevent the problem of obesity among children and young people. Dentists in some municipalities already involved in multi-disciplinary advice on diet and healthy lifestyles. However, this should be done in accordance with the health visitors, doctors, dietitians. Tandlægeforeningen don't want to assume the task which others think they have a better educational foundation for that promise,” says a member of the Tandlægeforeningens company executive Inge Marie Behrndtz, in the magazine's leader.

    Danish dentists happier than Swedish
    Publicly employed dentists in Denmark have greater job satisfaction than their colleagues in Sweden. It highlights the preliminary results of the Swedish research project ”The goda arbetet”, which is along the way. Despite the stress and other negative factors at work shows the preliminary figures so that 69 percent of the Swedish and 77 percent of the Danish dentists experience of job satisfaction in the high or very high degree.

    Are redheads more tandlægeangste? ... and other research results, Tandlægebladet not brought
    If you are born with a long and a short leg – you get more often krydsbid? Are true redheads more tandlægeforskrækkede than the other? Form herbal tea a special risk for patients with braces?

    Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 10 2009 or on www.tandlaegebladet.dk

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