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News feeds – also called RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to new material that is published on the, so you get the message in the same second they are published on the portal.

How do I use an RSS feed
A so-called feed consists of a headline, sometimes also a short summary, of the content published on the portal, with links to the pages with the respective content. You do not need to visit the portal to keep up with updates and new content. You will automatically receive all the headlines linking to the complete content.

In order to be able to make use of these RSS feeds you must have a RSS reader, which can be an application for the purpose, e.g. RssReader or FeedReader. It can also be a browser which supports RSS feeds, for example FireFox the web browser. For example, you can also subscribe to these news feeds in the Microsoft Outlook.

These programs can be used for RSS-feeds from all your favorite sites, news portals, etc. You create thus your own totally private newspaper, which only shows headlines and summaries from it you want to know something about.

If a portal offers RSS feeds, you will quickly be able to add news from this portal also. Most portals use this characteristic icon in connection with the RSS feeds: rss

You may want to. read more about RSS on Wikipeda

News feeds from Dental


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