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19. september 2011  
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I have made a 3 part bridge, rear molar + the 2 next in undermunden.

When I chew with the 3 part bridge, it seems not quite right – not quite the same bite. It is as if it is harder to chew in the side where the 3 part bridge.

Outside my teeth nice tightly closed, but when I feel with tongue, I can feel there is air between the teeth (at the 3 part bridge) on the “inner side”. In the other side, where my real teeth are the teeth without the air on the out and inner side.

There must be air between the teeth on the inside?, if not what is the symptoms and damage it can cause?


Dear Flemming

I can't give my opinion on without having seen you in the mouth. I think you should seek out the dentist that you've got made your bridge.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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