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16. June 2012  
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hi dentists, I have been tasked by my parents to find out a long time from the bill comes to paying, the episode was following my papfar had to be to the dentist, and the used 3000,- with a treatment that was not completely finished, so you could say it was a mellembetaling, for the first part.
here the other day we saw the bill at the letter, and that we had then 3 days to pay so quickly we could not obtain 3000,- so wondered we if you do not have 14 days to pay in, from the time we receive the letter for it to be paid??? or what does the law say???


Dear Lasse,

It seems that I have been made a kind of payment schedule with your dentist, and the agreement has In so of course have a duty to comply with.

As a general rule, you have to pay for a service when you receive this. You do not have any right to get something done on credit, and the dentist may even require advance payment or a bank guarantee, for the services you purchase from the dentist.

Has entered into an agreement with your dentist, where In ex. get bill home, or sent to, has the right to a reasonable deadline, so that you can reach in the bank or at the post office before the deadline. So the 3 days can be enough to be considered a reasonable period of time.

Most dentists have electronic medical record and bookkeeping systems, and in these systems indicates typically some standard values for payment m.m. So I wonder if your dentist would be willing to wait a few weeks on the payment, if In calling the dentist and honestly explains the situation. It would, I think, was worth a try. Personally, I have never said no to an honest inquiry of some weeks of further credit.

You can also read more about your rights.m.m. in the consumer ombudsman's website: Bills and payment deadlines

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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