Billund municipality's dentistry

15. may 2009  
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Billund municipal Dental care
Tinghusgade 7
7200 Grindsted
Tel.: 72 13 12 11

On dentistry:

Children and young people up to 18 years the offer of free municipal dental care. The offer includes the prevention, examination and all necessary dental treatments.
Your child is automatically enrolled in The Municipal Dental care and will be convened by one of our clinics, when it is time to overhaul.
Examination and treatment are done at one of the 5 dental clinics, which are scattered in the Municipality. You can freely choose the clinic and the therapist within the Children and ungdomstandplejen

Billund municipal dental care

Municipal clinics:

Southern School
Tinghusgade 7
7200 Grindsted
Tel. 72 13 12 11

London clinic
Kærvej 503
7190 Billund
Tel. 72 13 17 80

Vestre school dental clinic
Western School
Fælledvej 3
7200 Grindsted
Tel. 72 13 12 11