The death of a tooth after affixed to the crown

27. september 2010  
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I've got the makings of a crown on a molar,but I can still not chewing with the tooth. It is now almost 1 year ago, and the two times I have been cut something of the hump, as she believed this could be the reason for that I can't chew.
This has not helped, and now consider my dentist to the nerve may be dying, and that this may be the reason why it still hurts when I chew, and that I therefore must rodbehandles???there are other options.
This is a forsikringsskade, but will the insurance cover this, so long after.

Kind regards, susanne


Dear Susanne,

10% of the teeth that get the crown of the “door”, becomes necrotic as we call it in jargon. So it is very common. If you have pain and can't eat with the tooth, then the rodbehandles. The alternative is that it gets pulled out.

Whether the insurance covers is a little difficult for me to answer, but what you can find out of together with your dentist.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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