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11. april 2010  
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I got 3 weeks ago removed the forsidste molar in the ve. side of the upper jaw, unfortunately, smoke the very last also, as well as bone mass. Got a 10 day penicillin as well as instructions not to cough, sneeze, etc. because that could go a hole in the membranet to bihulen, pga. the lack of bone mass. Stitches removed, everything ok according to. the dentist, healing well. Now 3 weeks later it is still a mega hole, logically, the pga. there is no bone is back, but I think it still can do ‘evil’ by the pronunciation of certain words/klank. Dare not to sneeze, trimming nose or cough because I can feel the pressure that then comes in is uncomfortable. The dentist had good enough said you not had the above for approx. 7 days, but how do feel if there's a hole in the membranet, bleed it, pain or? Furthermore, I think that I have at least got talegener, I really have a big part of the day trouble to speak clearly, it may be because the hole is so large or because there m
might have damaged a nerve or the like. All in all I could just like me to get to know how far can the site actually be to ‘bother’? Thank you for an evs. response.



Dear Annet,

It is hard to say how long it will bother you. Of course it will affect your speech, when you've got removed several teeth and smoked some bone with, on top of that. There has been no nervebeskadigelse, which will affect your speech, but in and there has been more space for your tongue, so will the pronunciation be different. If you still have pain when you pronounce certain sounds, you must go to your dentist to be examined, whether there still is a hole to your sinus. It does not necessarily lead to pain if there is a hole through from the bihulen to the mouth, but the recurrent infection in the bihulen and genes by pronunciation, can be some symptoms.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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