We are ready to fight obesity

27. august 2009  
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Tandlægeforeningen interfering in the current debate about whether dentists should measure and weigh the children in order to prevent obesity.

”In Tandlægeforeningens the executive committee we find it natural that dentists are to prevent the problem of obesity among children and young people. Dentists in some municipalities already involved in multi-disciplinary advice on diet and healthy lifestyles. However, this should be done in accordance with the health visitors, doctors, dietitians. Tandlægeforeningen don't want to assume the task which others think they have a better educational foundation for that promise,” says a member of the Tandlægeforeningens company executive Inge Marie Behrndtz, in the magazine's leader.

Danish dentists happier than Swedish
Publicly employed dentists in Denmark have greater job satisfaction than their colleagues in Sweden. It highlights the preliminary results of the Swedish research project ”The goda arbetet”, which is along the way. Despite the stress and other negative factors at work shows the preliminary figures so that 69 percent of the Swedish and 77 percent of the Danish dentists experience of job satisfaction in the high or very high degree.

Are redheads more tandlægeangste? ... and other research results, Tandlægebladet not brought
If you are born with a long and a short leg – you get more often krydsbid? Are true redheads more tandlægeforskrækkede than the other? Form herbal tea a special risk for patients with braces?

Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 10 2009 or on www.tandlaegebladet.dk

Use of the pacifier after 3 years of age

13. august 2009  
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Our daughter is still very dependent on his pacifier. And we as parents are very hard to take that comfort and needs from her. We were at the dentist for 4 months ago. As was her tandstilling fine. However, the dentist recommended that she should not use the pacifier after his 3 birthday. It is now two months ago and we believe that her sucking needs are still very large.

How important is it that we take the pacifier from her. And what are the consequences of not doing it at 3 years of age, as recommended by the dentist?

The mother of Fie


Dear mother of Fie

We always recommend that the child stop using the pacifier at 2-3 years of age and preferably before it fills the 4 years. The older the child becomes , the harder it is to wean from the pacifier. If the child uses the pacifier over 3 years of age, it can develop an open bite (the front teeth when not one the other, there is air between), overbid (undermundstænderne stand further back than normal) or krydsbid (undermundstænderne when out of overmundstænderne in the pages). That seen in particular, tend to overbid by children who use the pacifier beyond 3 years, if the child develops a tungeuvane, this can overbid to deteriorate.
You must take up the fight. Here is some advice for how. In may possibly. deliver sutterne to the dentist, sometimes they have a “Suttetræ” or branch they are hanging them up, possibly. can i “send” the pacifier to santa claus or another baby who needs them:) You can also let the be with to take the pacifier from the child and instead make the less attractive, by cutting the tip of it, together with the child. This can then continue with, once a week, until there is only the shaft left. Try evs. to lubricate the go nail.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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