Got your teeth destroyed by Cluster headache


I have since 1997 had a Cluster migraine, it will say it took some years before some found out completely a huh I failed.. in the periods I have seizures, it is very violent, the pain is not to keep out, and the hammer head in the wall to get a different pain.. I have so within the last 4-5 years begun to crunch my teeth and can during a seizure pill teeth out with my finger. I've gotten much medication and huge strong medication when I have horton's. it means now for me I have gone from being a very out anvent girl, to shut myself inside my apartment, I'm embarrassed insecure and not happy more. I have been receiving disability benefits, and saves me for now it is starting to go beyond my front teeth can not eat normal food must not be tough food, wish I could bite into an apple again... What should I do, can some help me?????

Kind regards Tina


Dear Tina,

Your situation doesn't sound particularly nice. Dentists know well to Cluster headache, and it has on occasions given rise to tooth extraction, where it is misdiagnosed as a toothache. This is typically the teeth in overkæbens sideregion, the same side as the headache occurs. Some patients with the horton's, get the pure oxygen in the bottle to help the pain.

I think you need to consult your own dentist. Evs. even turn on one of the two ' dental schools in the country.

Dentistry in Aarhus, denmark
Dentistry in Copenhagen

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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