Ban on texting will lead to worse teeth

21. may 2010  
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It will be really bad for tandsundheden, if the Danish data protection agency makes the seriousness of banning tandklinikkerne in the municipalities to send text messages to children, young people and parents.

– Many municipalities have introduced sms service, so you get a sms with a reminder of his time at the dentist. It has led to fewer and fewer forget to go to the dentist. There has been a noticeable decline in the number of no-shows in several of the municipalities that have adopted sms. And text reminders are a service that already for some years has been used by the private dental clinics with great success, says Tandlægeforeningens president, Susanne Andersen.

If you forget to go to the dentist, you run the risk of according to Susanne Andersen, that the disease develops so much that they require more treatment than if they had been taken in the bud.

– In addition, it is also socio-economic is a problem when patients absent from dentistry. There are staff ready to carry out a planned investigation and treatment, says Susanne Andersen.

The Danish data protection agency has pointed out that one should be wary of sending sensitive and confidential information via text message.

– But is it a sensitive and confidential information, that one should remember his time at the dentist? It seems I'm quite honestly not. And you have for years sent indkaldekort out with entry from both the municipal and the private dental clinics. It has the Danish data protection agency I am aware so far not seen as a problem. I can't see why you should not be able to exploit its opportunities to ensure children and young people healthier teeth, concludes Susanne Andersen.