Skoletandpleje can prevent bad lifestyle

4. april 2009  
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”Children with many dental problems often have other health problems. Therefore skoletandplejen be a key player in the fight against inequality in health.”

In a new sundhedsoplæg from the conservative social and sundhedsordfører Vivi Kier, put the conservatives now up to skoletandplejen needs to be more active in the fight against what they call for inequality in health.

Børnetandplejen must be a central part of a coordinated effort between skoletandplejen, the municipal health care and other relevant social authorities, and on the way try to prevent many lifestyle diseases at an early stage in the child's life.

In following the conservative sundhedsoplæg must skoletandplejen in the future to prevent lifestyle diseases such as obesity and smoking. Among other things, argues in the conservative social and sundhedsordfører Vivi Kier to the municipal dentists are the healthcare professionals, who are regularly in contact with children and their parents until the children become of age.

“Skoletandplejen can focus on a number of trends, bl.a. unfortunate eating habits, poor dental hygiene and the onset of obesity already from kindergarten, that is why we need their help.”

The conservatives want the paper to make the scheme nationwide and will be extended to include dental care up in adulthood.

Read the entire proposal here: A healthy life – for the weakest