How is it when you put the crown on?

28. september 2010  
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Hello. I've just been at my dentist and had a tooth in the undermunden 2 times because plastfyldningen fell of and I have now been told that if it ruptures again, there is a crown on. My question is how is it when you put the crown on, and how long does it take and what does the dentist before to make the tooth ready?

mvt. sisse.


Dear Sisse,

When one can not make a filling in a tooth, the pga. there is so much left of the tooth, you have to put a crown on. The first time you visit the dentist he/she will drill (work on ie. prepare the tooth for a crown) all the way around the tooth and then take an impression. The image will then be sent to one of the techniques that manufactures the crown, so it fits perfectly to your tooth. It takes approx. 2 weeks from your first visit to the crown is ready to be put on your tooth. While you are waiting for the crown, will the dentist put a aluminiumskrone or a plastkrone on the tooth, so that you can eat with it, and to keep the space until the real crown gets put on

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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