Greater price transparency with dentists

28. may 2010  
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From the 1. October it becomes even easier to check tandlægernes price levels on the internet. Tandlægeforeningen and Danish Regions have agreed that dentists should disclose the price ranges on the several treatments on the

Today, private dental clinics inform the from and to prices in eight services. The 1. October will be the number of services expanded to ten, so that the dentists should also inform about the price ranges on the surgical removal of a tooth and root canal treatment in the two channels. At the same time, the descriptions of the eight current benefits on be made more precise. Thus the possibilities for patients to compare the price ranges from clinic to clinic be even better.

– We are in favour of transparency, also with respect to prices. It is only fair that you can sit at home at your computer and form an impression of the price levels of dentists. We therefore welcome the fact that one can now use to find out more about the updated price ranges. When it is said, is that no two treatments are alike, says Tandlægeforeningens negotiator, Bear Haulrig and explains:

– You have to go to the dentist and be examined before you can get the quite exact price. The can the dentist give you when you have decided which treatment to put in the time. If the cost of treatment exceeds dkk 2,500, you are entitled to an offer of an unspecified writing on them, says Tandlægeforeningens negotiator, Bear Haulrig.

The agreement on the increased price transparency forms part of a new tandlægeoverenskomst, as Tandlægeforeningen and the Regions, Wage - and Takstnævn has just been agreed.

Has a loose incisor. It must be changed out and what does it cost?

10. February 2010  
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hi, I'm stuck with a tooth that I 15 years ago got rodbehandlet and now it's gone loose. I'm the one who suffer a lot of dental phobia and is a little dentist has mentioned before that it would be necessary with a rigid tooth. How does it work? should my tooth be torn out completely, it is very painful, how many times by a dentist is required? and what is the price? yes many questions, hope you have the time to answer... smiles

happy new year. regards cp


Dear CP,

It looks not good when your tooth has gone loose now, get it checked at the dentist with the same. If it must be pulled out, it is, of course, painlessly, under local anesthetic. If there is to crown and pin is the price approx. 8000 kr., requires about. 2-3 visits to the dentist.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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