The braces for orthodontics

27. november 2009  
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In the past, orthodontics something that was reserved for children, and it was thought that it was too late to get fixed teeth when you were a little older. But it has the technological development and new types of braces made. Today you can get fixed teeth, regardless of age.

The processing time depends on how much needs to be paid up on the teeth, and most can expect a processing time of approx. 12 to 18 months. In the period, one must regularly to the control at the dentist, where tandstillingen checked and your braces to be tightened up. One must reckon with a visit to the dentist each month.

After completion of treatment with hanger, one must count on having to make use of a shine to natbrug, in order to maintain the teeth in the new position. Some have also mounted a thin thread on the back of the front teeth.

The price for a treatment with real stålbøjle depends on how much work needs to be done and will typically be between 25,000 and 40,000 crowns of a practicing orthodontist in the orthodontics. For special cosmetic braces, one should expect an additional expense. A transparent ceramic braces will typically cost between 4,000 and 5,000 dollars extra per. jaw, and an interior hanger costs approximately. 20.000 dollars extra per. jaw.

Types of braces
The ordinary metal/steel braces, often called the “railway” in the vernacular, is still the most effective hangers. And thus one can expect to be døjes with the hoops in a shorter time, than if you choose one of the more cosmetically acceptable hangers. And it is also the cheapest treatment option.

There are both permanent types of braces, as stålbøjlen is a good example of that. And then there are also skinnere that is not being mounted fixed in the teeth. Most adults should expect that it will be necessary with a jammed hanger.



Metal or steel braces
This is the traditional hanger, as most of us know of, which may not always specifically gender to look at. But it is still the most effective hanger. And with it will obtain you the quickest and typically also the cheapest treatment.



Guldbøjlen does not differ significantly from the common steel braces, in addition to the color, of course, is different. It is probably a matter of taste for the individual whether you will make use of a guldbøjle instead of a regular stålbøjle.

Damon og Damon 3

Damon hanger

Damon braces
Damon is the name of a manufacturer of the hangers, who have further developed the traditional stålbøjle, so that there can be performed several treatment options. One of the main benefits for the patient is that they have developed a locking mechanism, so the patient is not hampered as much of the rubber bands or steel wires, which must maintain the continuous wire in place.

The new Damon 3 bracket is partially transparent, and can be seen in the right side of the picture.

Gennemsigtig bøjle

Transparent hanger

Transparent ceramic braces
You can also get totally transparent ceramic braces which are not as visible as stålbøjlerne. There must, however, be expected a little longer processing time.

Indvendig bøjle

Inside hanger

Inside hanger
Another option is to place stålbøjlen on the back of the teeth. But it is an expensive and technically difficult solution.

Invisalign bøjlen

Invisalign your braces

Transparent shine
You can also get transparent plastskinnere, which bears on the teeth most of the day's 24 hours. These skinnere so must be replaced periodically. This is a very expensive option, and the price is likely to be around 50,000 dollars of a practicing orthodontist.

You can read more about the transparent plastskinnere here: invisalign