Regionsrådsmedlem excuse the mess in the North tandlægevagt

18. august 2009  
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The president of the Tandlægenævnet in the north of Jutland, Regionsrådsmedlem Marian Geller (V), report himself personally ready with an excuse for a German tourist, who at the weekend in vain tried to get treatment for a severe and acute toothache.

The German tourist who stayed in a cottage at Grønhøj Beach in north Jutland, was hit by a violent toothache in the night between Saturday and Sunday, writes Nordjyske. The tourist contacted the holiday house operator, immediately tried to contact the Tandlægevagten in north Jutlandwhich had telefontid between the hours of. 9 and 10. But in spite of the uninterrupted phone call for nearly an hour, she came never further than vagttandlægens answering machine.

Apology from Tandlægenævnets president
The unfortunate episode has now got the president of the tandlægenævnet in the north of Jutland, regionsrådsmedlem Marian Geller, who has responsibility for tandlægevagten in the Region Nordjylland, to go into the matter. “Under normal circumstances, it is not how it works in northern Jutland,” says Marian Geller to the And announces that she is personally ready with an apology to the German tourist, who at the weekend in vain tried to get hold of tandlægevagten.

The dentist, who had the weekend's tandlægevagt in the north of Jutland, is, according to Marian Geller, even unhappy over the episode.

Technical error
Carsten Rabe Kvist, head of department at Region Nordjylland, says to the North, that there was a technical error. The dentist from the Hanstholm there had the warden at the weekend, had been coupled vagttelefonen over at its own facility, when he was admitted of conversations with people who have got toothache and want to have it sorted immediately.

The north denmark Region will now teach the technical procedures for dentists, who are in the vagtordningen, in order to avoid that history repeats itself.

Find your Tandlægevagt

1. January 2009  
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Are you in need of dental help outside of your own dentist's office hours or in his/her vacation, you can avail yourself of tandlægevagten in the area where you live. Here you will find the phone numbers to established tandlægevagtordninger.

This overview shows only tandlægevagtordninger that are organized by the regions. In the regions where it does not exist yet tandlægevagtordninger organized by region, there are typically private arrangements. Do you live in a region without a service to a toothache and need emergency tandlægehjælp, you should look up in the local phone book, or search on the region's website or at the health portal An overview of the Danish Regions you will find here

See more about tandlægevagterne:

*Reservations are taken for any. changes

Tandlægevagt in the Region of north Jutland

1. January 2009  
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Tandlægevagten in the north denmark Region receive children and adults with toothache or easier dental injury.

The guard has telefontid 1 hour from kl. 9.00 pm. 10: 00 on all Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

In the guard time, at the telephone 70 20 02 55 comes in contact with the on-call dentist. At major dental injury contact Aalborg Hospital, on the telephone 97 66 00 00.

The cost of the treatment per. 1-4-08 is my. 787,69 kr. on Saturdays.
The cost of the treatment per. 1-4-08 is my. 1050,26 kr. on Sundays and holidays.

Are you under 18 years covering the municipality of the payment

*Reservations are taken for any. changes

Tandlægevagt in the Region Midtjylland

1. January 2009  
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In the event of acute toothache or tandskade outside your dentist's normal business hours, you can contact Tandlægevagten in the Region Midtjylland

Tandklinikken Brobjergskolen
Frederiks Allé 20
8000 Århus C

Open Friday at noon. 18.00 – 21.00 and Saturday, Sunday and helligedage at. 10.00 – 13.00

Tandlægevagten, Regionstandplejen
The Regional Hospital Holstebro
Lægaardsvej 12
7500 Holstebro

Open Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at. 12.00 – 15.00

Officer dentist can be contacted on telephone 4051 5162

  • Friday. 18.00 – 19.00
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at. 10.00 – 11.00 am as well as pm. 12.00 – 13.00

Treatment only against cash payment or credit card.

*Reservations are taken for any. changes

Tandlægevagt in the Region of southern denmark

1. January 2009  
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Tandlægevagten in the Region of southern denmark

Are you suffering from toothache outside of your dentist's normal business hours, you can contact tandlægevagten.

Regionstandplejen, Heath 7, 3., 5000 Odense C

South - and southern Jutland

Regionstandplejen, Sundhedshuset Sct. Joseph, Nørregade 63A, 6700 Esbjerg.

Opening hours
Saturday, Sundays and public holidays:

The phone is open from pm. 9.00-12.00.

Treatment takes place in the period 10.00-12.00.

6541 4551

Weekend price
The guard is operated in accordance with sygesikringsoverenskomsten.

It will say that it is the municipality that pays for the treatment of children, while adults must pay immediately in connection with the examination.

In addition to the usual self-payment must be paid a supplement for treatment outside of the regular dagarbejdstid.

Therefore, the price would be at least 800 dollars on Saturdays and christmas and new year's eve and 1,100 dollars on Sundays and public holidays. We must make you aware that this is a minimum price and the exact price will depend on which treatment takes place.

If you f.ex. have knocked a tooth out in an accident outside of normal dental office hours, the staff at the emergency call in a dentist who can treat you in the emergency room.
In the emergency room at the following hospitals in the Region of southern denmark have staff, outside of the dagtid and on Sundays and public holidays, to summon a dentist, if there are citizens with ulykkesbetingede dental injury.

Odense University Hospital, Sdr. boulevard 29, Odense C, denmark

Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Finsensgade 35, Esbjerg

Vejle hospital, Kabbeltoft 25, Vejle

Kolding hospital, Skovvangen 2-8, Kolding.

Only ulykkesbetingede dental injuries treated in emergency departments.

Less dental injuries and toothache to be treated in Tandlægevagten, either in Regionstandplejen, Nørregade 63A, new york or in Regionstandplejen, Heath 7, 3., Odense C, Denmark.

*Reservations are taken for any. changes

Tandlægevagt in Region Zealand

1. January 2009  
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You can get acute to the dentist in the weekends and on public holidays at Tandpinevagten in the Region of Zealand.

There should be a phone call in the time period at. 9.30 pm. 11.30 at weekends and on public holidays to get an appointment.
Feel free to call so early in the day as possible.

On weekdays during the christmas and easter holidays and the Friday after Kr. Ascension is the telephone time at. 14.30-16.30. In these days is Tandklinikken in Nykøbing F. closed

Acute tandlægehjælp, telephone 29 60 01 11

Tandpinevagtens addresses are:

  • Tandpinevagten in Slagelse, Æblehaven 2, 4200 Slagelse
  • Tandpinevagten in Nykøbing F., the Clinic in Guldborgsund, Nørregade 21B, 4800 Nykøbing F

The guard offers emergency tandlægehjælp to adults and children in the form of pain management and treatment in the context of tandpiner, less dental injuries, lost fillings, etc.
Adults will be charged a cash payment. There are elevated weekendtakster similar to usually a minimum of 800 dkk. on Saturdays and 1,100 dkk. on Sundays. The exact price depends on which treatment takes place.

At Region Sjælland emergency medicine and skadeklinikker you can get treated less damage, as you have gotten within the past day. Ring is always first on the Akuttelefonen: 70 15 07 08. You can't turn up without an appointment.

*Reservations are taken for any. changes. Updated information is always to be found at The Region of Zealand's website.


Tandlægevagt in the Capital Region

1. January 2009  
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You can read here about the possibilities of acute tandlægehjælp in the Capital Region.

Oslo Plads 14,
Dk-2100 Copenhagen Ø
(by Østerport station)

Opening hours:
Weekdays at. 20.00 – 21.30.
Saturday, Sundays and public holidays at. 10.00 -12.00 and again at. 20.00 – 21.30

Remember to bring your yellow health card!


In the north of Zealand, citizens have access to a tandlægevagt, running in a cooperation between region, municipalities and the general dentists in north Zealand (similar to the former. Frederiksborg County)
Contact: 70 25 00 41

The scheme consists of two different guards depending on the disorder:
Servicevagten (advice and booking in connection with the treatment of tandpiner, genes associated with the braces, minor dental injury, etc.)

Booking and advice all weekdays between the hours of. 18.00 – 19.00, sat-, sun - and holidays between the hours of. 09.00 – 11.00 and 18.00 – 19.00 on the phone 70 25 00 41.

Skadevagten (only in acute eligible dental injuries and bleeding after surgeries in the oral cavity)

Open weekdays at noon. 16.00 – 07.00, sat-, sun - and holidays the whole day. Contact Skadevagten is done via lægevagten tel 48 25 00 41 or directly on the 70 25 00 41.

Remember to bring your yellow health card!


On the island of Bornholm, citizens can contact the tandpinevagten, which acts as a cooperation between the region and dentists.

Contact Tandpinevagten on phone no.: 56 95 67 00

Opening hours are Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at. 10.00 – 10.30.
Contact outside of these hours, we hear an automatic answering machine, which informs about opening hours.

*Reservations are taken for any. changes