The nipple on the tommefinger can provide dental problems

30. October 2009  
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Narresutten, also known as the nipple on the thumb, can give children overbid or open bite. It shows a new study of suttevaner with pre-school children documented in World Journal of Orthodontics.

In the study, a group of 34 preschool children divided into three groups: A group with sutteflaskevaner, a feeding and narresutvaner and without suttevaner. The results showed that the Results showed that there was a significant correlation between suttevaner and the children's tandstilling.

”It is well known that narresutten is to move children's teeth, but many studies have, however, shown to cease suttevanen in ca. fireårsalderen it should not have any impact on tandstillingen of the primary teeth. In the case, where it nevertheless has implications for tandstillingen, due to the fact that, in connection with suttevanen also developed a tungeuvane, as by the end of the suttevanen retains the change in the tandstillingen.” says associate professor Lis Almer from Dentistry in Copenhagen.

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