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Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring

Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring covers, according to the rules of complaint and erstatningsloven, damages in connection with the examination and treatment by dentists.

Here you can read about how the system works for you as a patient. This guide can only be seen as a simplified introduction into the rules, since it would be too extensive to have all the details. You should consult with your own dentist if you want further information.

You will also find the whole scheme described on Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikrings website.

The insurance covers
Injuries occurring in the period after the 1. January 2004 are covered, if it is made in connection with treatment by a private practice dentist or in connection with the treatment of Regionstandplejen (ex. Amtstandplejen), in the municipal tandplejeordninger or at one of the universities ' dental schools.

Is the injury happened before 1. January 2004, is only covered if it is made in connection with treatment by a private dentist.

When you get the replacement
Although the compensation scheme only covers the damages done in connection with the examination and treatment by a dentist. You have however the possibility to obtain compensation, even though the damage is not due to the fault from the dentist's side.

If you suffered an injury in connection with a dental treatment, compensation may be awarded if it is deemed that the damage is a strong likelihood that is caused in one of the following ways:

Time period
In order to be entitled to damages, should the damage be notified no later than five years after you have got acquainted with it. There must not be more than ten years have passed since the injury was sustained.

In case of accident
You will come to harm during an accident at a dentist's office, which is not a part of the professional treatment, for example. by falling on a slippery floor, can only be compensated, if there is a fault from the clinic's side.

What compensation is available for
Compensation is paid according to the rules of Erstatningsansvarsloven.

What is not eligible for compensation
There will be no compensation for the cost of the treatment you came for to get made. These costs are always for own account. The same applies, if the treatment will have to be done, because of one reason or another, failed.

You also can not obtain compensation for the consequences of the accident or illness you have received treatment for, or if the treatment has not led to the expected result.

If you for some reason believe that the treatment has been inadequate, you can possibly. require the fee paid back. This requirement will then not be covered by the insurance, but must be made in connection with a complaint to tandlægenævnet in your region.
Tandlægenævnet will then take a decision as to whether you should get the money again for the treatment you have received and wish to complain.

Read more about how you complaints to the regional tandlægenævn.

How to seek compensation
If you believe that you have the right to compensation, you or together with your dentist fill out a skadesanmeldelsesblanket and send it to:

Tandlægeforeningens Patientskadeforsikring
Svanemøllevej 85
DK-2900 Hellerup

The processing time will normally be between eight and twelve weeks – in complex cases there must be expected a somewhat longer processing time.

Are you unhappy with the decision in your case, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision to:

Svanemøllevej 85, 1. floor
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel. 39 46 34 00

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