Tandlægevagt in the Region of north Jutland

  • 1. January 2009 (Tandlægevagt)  

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    Tandlægevagten in the north denmark Region receive children and adults with toothache or easier dental injury.

    The guard has telefontid 1 hour from kl. 9.00 pm. 10: 00 on all Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    In the guard time, at the telephone 70 20 02 55 comes in contact with the on-call dentist. At major dental injury contact Aalborg Hospital, on the telephone 97 66 00 00.

    The cost of the treatment per. 1-4-08 is my. 787,69 kr. on Saturdays.
    The cost of the treatment per. 1-4-08 is my. 1050,26 kr. on Sundays and holidays.

    Are you under 18 years covering the municipality of the payment

    *Reservations are taken for any. changes

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    9 comments on the article “Tandlægevagt in the north denmark Region”
    1. Morten sommer says:

      seemed simply they are too bad to tandlægevagten must be so expensive and that it is not something that goes over his medical certificate so you even pay for damages. when the only that needs to be done something about his teeth

      • farang says:

        it is only intended for acute pain, and if not you should have replaced a seal. Those who come there, after all, is itself often at fault in that it goes wrong, as it is the pga misligehold of the teeth. A tooth makes the most evil, due to a large hole that the nerve is being affected, and by regular visits to the dentist, then it would have been discovered in time. Dentists and klinikassistenterne is also not cheap in salary in a weekend, and there must be someone who must pay it, and it is bl.a. users of Tandpinevagten.

        • Pernille says:

          I will give Farang absolutely right.! There is no which will work on weekends and public holidays for regular pay.? Materials, etc at a dentist's office costs the same whether they are used on a Monday or a Sunday, and since both the on-call dentist and dental assistant should have a salary+allowances for their work on a day where all others have free, do money the come from somewhere. In addition, you must still be paid the rent, power, water, etc.
          And as a Farang writes, could visit at the vagttandlægen had been avoided by regular examination and x-ray images 🙂

    2. Curi Lambertsen says:

      Tandlægevagten in the north of Jutland is a good feature, no doubt about it. Good and competent treatment, since today the 25/6 had toothache...

      But but but, 1.609 crowns a TEMPORARY filling is then equal to humbug. The least you can expect for the price and is a permanent plastfyldning, which can keep more than 1 month. I now have to go to a private dentist as soon as possible, and pay again for the same treatment.

      It is not in order.

      It is not the treatment from the dentist and the assistant I complain about, but the concept itself. It can be done better...

      • farang says:

        I allows me to comment on it here... of course 1609 kr. a lot of money, but you forget, that the services which the Tandpinevagten is based on, is primarily the two which is called acute opening (an initiated root canal treatment of a tooth), and tooth extraction. If you go in and look what you get in the sygesikringstilskud to the two treatments, then they will when the bill is printed, in fact, be less than the price of the vagtgebyret. The health insurance authority provides grants for certain services, and by deduction from the health insurance, so the price will fall. When it's called TandPINEvagt, so is the concept of pain relief – not finishing, since the r.ex. a plastopbygning is too time-consuming (it can easily take 30 min. to build properly if it is reasonably big, and therefore will not be able to hang together economically for the Region of Nordjylland to meet such a need in a place you Tandpinevagten. If you do not have acute pain, then one will also be denied in the phone, and advised to seek a private dentist the next business day. Performed are not cosmetic dental treatment, so if you f.ex. have turned a corner of one incisor, but it does not hurt – well then she even put a dab of flourtyggegummi out over the rest of the weekend and spare it. It is one of the reasons why it is not called Tandlægevagten as it did in the past, but Tandpinevagten.

    3. Helena Thomsen says:

      Why heaths it can finally guard when you meet with a telephone response with regard to “opening hours” if you are so unfortunate and in need of help. You can't sleep, you have evil, and no non-prescription medicim relieves the pain. The last thing anyone wants to hear is “ring between 9.00 and time”. Thanks for the help I just have to say.

      • There are many rotations with limited opening hours. And most of the posts here is that it is too expensive to go to the tandpinevagten. If tandpinevagten should be open 24/7 the price would probably be several times as high as the public does not mean that you should spend so many tax dollars on a proper support.

        There are also some private clinics that offer various rotations, which typically is at other times than the common vagtordningen.

    4. Lars says:

      Cost what it cost will, what IN FACT is uacceptablet is that it has such a short åbningstids on Sunday! It is ridiculous! Who should I call now?!

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