Tandlægevagt in Region Zealand

  • 1. January 2009 (Tandlægevagt)  

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    You can get acute to the dentist in the weekends and on public holidays at Tandpinevagten in the Region of Zealand.

    There should be a phone call in the time period at. 9.30 pm. 11.30 at weekends and on public holidays to get an appointment.
    Feel free to call so early in the day as possible.

    On weekdays during the christmas and easter holidays and the Friday after Kr. Ascension is the telephone time at. 14.30-16.30. In these days is Tandklinikken in Nykøbing F. closed

    Acute tandlægehjælp, telephone 29 60 01 11

    Tandpinevagtens addresses are:

    • Tandpinevagten in Slagelse, Æblehaven 2, 4200 Slagelse
    • Tandpinevagten in Nykøbing F., the Clinic in Guldborgsund, Nørregade 21B, 4800 Nykøbing F

    The guard offers emergency tandlægehjælp to adults and children in the form of pain management and treatment in the context of tandpiner, less dental injuries, lost fillings, etc.
    Adults will be charged a cash payment. There are elevated weekendtakster similar to usually a minimum of 800 dkk. on Saturdays and 1,100 dkk. on Sundays. The exact price depends on which treatment takes place.

    At Region Sjælland emergency medicine and skadeklinikker you can get treated less damage, as you have gotten within the past day. Ring is always first on the Akuttelefonen: 70 15 07 08. You can't turn up without an appointment.

    *Reservations are taken for any. changes. Updated information is always to be found at The Region of Zealand's website.


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    33 comments on the article “Tandlægevagt in Region Zealand”
    1. Claus Larsen says:

      What do you have to use a phone number to, when it closed down at. 11: 30 am, you can't afford to fail anything with your teeth for at. 11: 30 am, it is not something with a service to make it equal to I as the electrician has a service telephone to the lan to call on in the week-end, but only on Sundays between the hours. 10 and 12, at all other times it's just a shame that the power slips.
      This to me is false advertising to turn up in the tv and radio to now you have got a tandlægevagt in region zealand, it is, to put it bluntly fis in a hornlygte, as I said earlier, your power comes we are only doing between 10 and 12 on Sundays, but we have service telephone.


    2. To call it false advertising is, in my opinion, a violent exaggeration. It is probably very few vagttelefoner that is open 24 hours a day. Two hours maybe a little in the lower edge can then be discussed. But there must also be paid for vagtordningen, so it's probably also a question of economy, and how much the consumer is willing to pay for such a service.

    3. Av My Tooth says:

      You can damn well not call it a Dental guard..(URGENT) when you can't call after normal Closing time.. It is when to take the ass of us Danes... Doctor the guard has to open after 16:00 and until 08:00
      I sit here and have the want to damage my teeth even more so I can get at the hospital, so evil do it... But again what can We (ordinary citizens) do... NOT A damn thing.. It is and will be too BAD... something has to be done.. there must be some Dentists that will have some extra £ in the Purse after Closing time... GEE how I hate the English SYSTEM... THANK you

      • The difference is enough to lægevagten is 100% funded by tax dollars, while tandlægevagten primarily funded by user fees. So this is a political issue on the “Danish system”.

        There are private clinics which also runs with the rotations. If your own dentist does not have a service, so try a search on, for example, http://www.google.dk

    4. Louise says:

      Who you are calling you when you have tooth pain in everyday life?

    5. Martin says:

      Agree with Claus and”av” it will be some long hours for the time is 9 30.

      • Yes, it is annoying with toothache. And probably even more tiresome that the public will not use taxpayers ' money on a proper service. There are also some private clinics that offer rotations at other times.

    6. Marlene Hansen says:

      Thank you for nothing.
      My daughter has just broken a tooth and it just hurts!!!
      But alas.
      The time is 12.30 on Saturday the 22. December so try again tomorrow at. 10.30!!!!!!!!!!

      • The thank you for nothing should be at its ombud in the Danish Parliament. It would be perfect with public dentists in the country's emergency departments.

        There are private clinics which also runs with the rotations. If your own dentist does not have a service, so try a search on, for example, http://www.google.dk

    7. Lars petersen says:

      Butts telephone system they have, have called 200 times has been through 5 times
      But being thrown off by the every time

    8. Per says:

      Too bad you can't call the whole day and that you can't get to on the f.ex hospital

      Av my visdomstand 😮

    9. Julie says:

      Must just say that I fairly much agree with the other
      For less than a month ago I got the hanger on and now it is holiday and Sunday, and my braces cut me in the cheek as a in hell, and I think that it is for the butts that I must go around with a ripped cheek in almost 2 weeks because I don't have the ass full of money and can afford to pay it must be paid.
      Yes sorry for the acid reflux but it is the sku for the bad that I am in my vacation to go around with pain and a torn cheek

      • Hi Julie,

        You have my full sympathy. I do understand however why you have to wait for two weeks. You get it free for the time, shouldn't there be something in the way of that you can get it done now, and recovered about two weeks.

        There are many private tandlægevagter.


        • Camilla says:

          We need to get it ordered in dentistry in Slagelse, as it is on the appropriation. All other sites are selvbetaling, which is unfortunately non-refundable.
          I was even in the same situation..

          • For children and young people under 18 years old covered the cost of tandlægevagten of the municipalities.


            • camilla says:

              The vast majority of us are over 18

            • It is true that most of us are 18 years or older. It is a political decision that there is free dental care for children and young people under 18 years of age and omsorgstandpleje to some of the most vulnerable citizens. The 18-25 year olds get a subsidy (65 per cent. of the price) for the regular examination. And adults from 26 years will get 40 per cent. in the grants.

              Most of the hangers are under the age of 18 years.


    10. suzanne says:

      ACUTE????????? I can well understand the purely economic from your and our side can't keep open all the time. BUT you should also not call it acute....... Now can I side here with a 2 årie girl with the broken tooth after the fall.... And I can't get to akuthjælp for it does not exist..... Maybe I should travel to Copenhagen, Sorø at 1630 on a Saturday with a sorry, with pain, a 2 årie girl...... Hmmmmm it would be nice if actually could provide it in the call you, EMERGENCY help..... I'm damn sure willing to pay.....

      • I fully understand the frustrations. But it is not a question about how far dentists can or will provide. There is no doubt that the scheme ought to be better and that all of the dentists also have a desire for a better system.

        Is there a case of emergency dental injuries outside tandlægevagtens trading hours can you make an attempt to contact lægevagten.

        Some tandlægevagter is that you are in the open other times of the day. And several private dentists also offer rotations.

        Acute is probably one of the words is the greatest misconception about within health care. It should not be construed as “without the wait” or “treatment”, but more “urgent” and “not planned”.

    11. Marie says:

      Have tried to call 60 times in the period from 09.30 – 11.30. No one answers the call. Your so-called ‘acute’ system is a farce!

    12. henrik says:

      Agree with all the above, but keep in mind your “øffer” when there are elections. Every time it is being debated whether there should user fees in health care, so there will be life. Here is an area where you could spend a little money, if it cost a little more to use the doctor.

    13. For the hell says:

      Downturn with the Danish dentists, as will the journey to Poland is a bit cheaper and more acute 🙁

      • Ouch my repayments says:

        I have problems with dentists in the uk and instalments schemes to be of assistance. You came to Poland? I would like to hear more thank you. Vh

    14. Steen says:

      Have been waiting all night to tandlægevagten open the phone. 9.30-11.30. The time is now 10.00 and the phone still has the answering machine on!!!

    15. Poul Erik says:

      It seems a bit strange that the telefontid advertised in the weekdays during the christmas holidays is not working. I have called several times today (Wednesday, 23. december 2015, where NONE of the local dentists had open) between the announced times 14.30 to 16, where I just got a lakoniskl message from an answering machine, that there were too many phone messages, so the conversation was now completed. In just frustration I drove so before 16.30 directly to the monitor sense the address, Æblehaven 2 in Slagelse, where a sweet lady told me that she was an orthodontist, and since I did not looked like someone with a diagnosis, she had not permission to help me. She informed me that I had to go in the morning between 9.30 and 11.30, when the 24. december is a holiday (even though the me you know is only half the holiday) Now I'm sitting here shortly before midnight, and hope that your day tomorrow is perceived as a whole holiday, so I can get help.

    16. Helene says:

      Lol, Yeah so you are calling you there with a toothache and so says so; There is no more space on the phone svaren, goodbye.
      And that was it. The sku is not a Guard then.

    17. Henrik L. says:

      At Tandlægecenter Højbro Plads has a also a tandlægevagt in acute situations, but it is, in turn, open all days between 18-23 and the clinic is open 7 days a week. It is, admittedly, not a drive, but as it was also mentioned further up in the thread, is there enough also some economy in the calculation.

    18. Ditk says:

      Acute and acute... Jaaaaaa it can not spend to much.. If it is the finances it is mad with, I think, as in clear it very well with a start brtslignpå 800-1100kr.... For have even sided there and is the sku not because of a lack of customers... But when you saw the pages with a child who cries in pain not just burning lukumeret no hell has broken out and you are desperate and so, it does not help you can only call in the morning after 14.30..... So you gennemroder the web for other solutions and are ready to run... Yes out of the country if that's what it takes to...
      But then I found one in CPH, also without the high guard fee... and as you can actually get in touch with a far larger period of time...

    19. tulle says:

      honestly what is an acute tandpinevagt when you can't get hold of any find so it forpullede number to a tandpinevagt I don't want to sit here with the pain the rest of the night

    20. Marg. Bousgaard says:

      Advice per. tel.
      Just too bad you don'T live in the Capital Region, but in the Faxe Municipality.
      A soreness at the root of the nose, I have gone by 2-3 months. The doctor gave næsdråber. The dentist I have an appointment with (Store Heddinge) 28.4.17. (under behdl.)
      Will my eye be “closed” early in the morning.
      The swelling has come in the course of the day – 2. easter Monday.
      Has fortunately NOT pain.

    21. Erik Bang says:

      Hi Tandlægevagt in Slagelse.

      Thank you so much for the help – fantastic service and the price was actually far from a deterrent, the time taken into consideration. Maybe a little long wait on the phone, but patience is rewarded after all. Lovely sweet staff and everything worked according to plan, also tidmæssigt. Perhaps however, you just have to disclose that startgebyret on the 1200 is including a part of the treatment. I thought there was a mistake in the bill, as it was only on the 1212,00 to get fitted for a crown that had fallen of. But it was the price. In the "saved" my trip to France on Monday morning, 😬👍👍

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