Tandlægevagt in the Region of southern denmark

  • 1. January 2009 (Tandlægevagt)  

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    Tandlægevagten in the Region of southern denmark

    Are you suffering from toothache outside of your dentist's normal business hours, you can contact tandlægevagten.

    Regionstandplejen, Heath 7, 3., 5000 Odense C

    South - and southern Jutland

    Regionstandplejen, Sundhedshuset Sct. Joseph, Nørregade 63A, 6700 Esbjerg.

    Opening hours
    Saturday, Sundays and public holidays:

    The phone is open from pm. 9.00-12.00.

    Treatment takes place in the period 10.00-12.00.

    6541 4551

    Weekend price
    The guard is operated in accordance with sygesikringsoverenskomsten.

    It will say that it is the municipality that pays for the treatment of children, while adults must pay immediately in connection with the examination.

    In addition to the usual self-payment must be paid a supplement for treatment outside of the regular dagarbejdstid.

    Therefore, the price would be at least 800 dollars on Saturdays and christmas and new year's eve and 1,100 dollars on Sundays and public holidays. We must make you aware that this is a minimum price and the exact price will depend on which treatment takes place.

    If you f.ex. have knocked a tooth out in an accident outside of normal dental office hours, the staff at the emergency call in a dentist who can treat you in the emergency room.
    In the emergency room at the following hospitals in the Region of southern denmark have staff, outside of the dagtid and on Sundays and public holidays, to summon a dentist, if there are citizens with ulykkesbetingede dental injury.

    Odense University Hospital, Sdr. boulevard 29, Odense C, denmark

    Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Finsensgade 35, Esbjerg

    Vejle hospital, Kabbeltoft 25, Vejle

    Kolding hospital, Skovvangen 2-8, Kolding.

    Only ulykkesbetingede dental injuries treated in emergency departments.

    Less dental injuries and toothache to be treated in Tandlægevagten, either in Regionstandplejen, Nørregade 63A, new york or in Regionstandplejen, Heath 7, 3., Odense C, Denmark.

    *Reservations are taken for any. changes

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    5 comments on the article “Tandlægevagt in the Region of southern denmark”
    1. LisB says:

      I come in to hear if others have tried to contact a dentist here on the island of fyn with strong dental pain but refused treatment before her in November the pain is so strong that my daughter can not be any places
      I do not consider a dentist to refuse to take a strong toothache
      anyone who can answer me here vh lisb

    2. Av my tooth says:

      In the (dentists) should even try it here... PAIN is PAIN.... and the PAIN can be so great that one is willing to EVERYTHING... and I mean EVERYTHING. SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO now where in the holds FREE day... Using the dog's people suffering... Know that we are not suffering like the people in Iraq/afganistan... but we have a system which is for US DANES... but NO we are clearly not.. you should be ashamed of yourselves..

    3. Dentists get pity also toothache, if they do not take good care of their teeth and fail to go for regular visits to colleagues. And they can ill-treat itself, when the accident is out 😉

      It is not dentists that determines how the system hangs together. It is the politicians who are in power, and they have then sent as this month's cut even more in public subsidies for dental care.

      There are dental clinics that offer private tandlægevagter. Try a search on http://www.google.dkif not your own dentist offers a service.

    4. mike says:

      Yes I have such a powerful pull in most of the lower jaw, and a huge hole in the hjørnetanden.
      So, I have the last ½ hour trying to get through to the emergency dentist, and every time I do so, calling the 20 times ( I counted ), and so I put on, but the calling I so within 1 minute approximately, and up to 15 minutes later so there are busy and it is a treasure to me now 2 times.
      It is damned hard for the bad, it is not for hyggens guilt that I'm calling

    5. Monica Jensen says:

      I was at the dentist guard in Odense, denmark, yesterday on 25/12 and came to the treatment by a very sweet lady. There was not so much waiting, and she was simply great. She alleviated my pain immediately. Such high praise from here. And clinic assistant (held mion hand, I really have a dentist fear. I think she was called Christiane, or something like that. She was really skilled. And so I pay, like the money it costs to be painless, as I am well aware that it is not something dentists even determines, the mht rates.

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