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Tandfix.dk – campaign for young people

Tandlægeforeningen is behind a new and different online campaign aimed at young people. Tandfix.dk called the portal with a sense of humor and irony to capture the interest of young people for their own dental health.

Too many young people are dropping the regular visits to the dentist. It will Tandlægeforeningen now do something with a campaign that is targeted at young people of 18-25 years. The campaign must tell the young that it can have a big impact to drop the dentist visit, and that it is actually better to go regularly to the dentist than to let be.

The campaign, which starts on 23. august, is mainly online, and takes its point of departure in the site TandFix.dk, where young people can go into a universe that is created on the humor and irony. But the young people will also encounter the campaign on Facebook. The only thing they will not encounter, is moralized.

– Our desire is to engage in a dialogue with the young people and based on their life situation without talking down to them.


The tooth fairy there with a sense of humor to reach out to young people

We know that many young people think that the regular visits to the dentist is not so necessary, because they do not have any problems with their teeth and gums, right here and now. But as much as shows the effects often only later in life, says Tandlægeforeningens president, Susanne Andersen.

It is important to get things in the bud when it is about the diseases of the teeth and mouth. If you wait, you run the risk of both toothache and comprehensive treatment.

It is also inexpensive to get a check-up at the dentist.

– Many young people do not know, that a regular study actually only costs 83 kr., when one is 18-25 years, while a cleaning costs 178 kr. It may not pay to wait, " says Susanne Andersen.

In connection with the start of the campaign will dental students in Copenhagen and Aarhus, denmark take off at technical schools and social and health care educational institutions and to enter into dialogue with young people on their tandplejevaner. At the same time, there will be hung campaign posters up, and there will be a shared bags out with water, flyers, toothbrush and toothpaste.

The campaign has been, with support from the Danish Regions and is developed in cooperation with the communication agency NetPeople.

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