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Concern ang. treatment of gingivitis



I am a girl of 17 (soon 18) years of age living in Aalborg.
Recently told my dentist to me that I have gingivitis. Therefore, I've got a soft brush, flossing and the order to rinse the mouth 2 times daily in khlorhexidin in 14 days. I do all the above things, and have made it in 5 days. But my problem is that I think my gums look very irritated, it bleeds and a sore. In some places, particularly around the hjørnetønderne, it seems to be particularly bad. It is as if the gums in some places seems to have been “torn up” almost like an abrasion. It looks “raw”. I think it looks like my gums in some places have pulled back more, so more of the tooth is exposed. It is not particularly sore, besides when I brushes it, and it bleeds not so much as it has done.
But I'm pretty concerned about whether I am doing something wrong. I'm not trying to brush, neither too hard or too soft. My concern is maybe a little bit unfounded, but I think a lot of it, and hope, therefore, that there is someone who can help me.

– Lin


Dear Lin,

It sounds like your dentist is proven about your problems. If you are in doubt, then get him/her to look at you again.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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