Terms of use

All users of the portal should read these terms of use carefully. And so providing these conditions will not be recognised without reservations shall not be made use of the portal.

The information available on the portal shall in no way be used as a basis for diagnosis or initiate a treatment process. The content on the portal can not be used as a substitute for advice or treatment by a private dentist or another trained and approved health care professionals. The information on the portal is solely of informative nature and can in no way be considered to be neither exhaustive or complete, and thus does not substitute for a direct dialogue with a private dentist or another trained and approved health care professionals. We can strongly urge anyone with health problems of any nature to seek out the professional help of the doctor, and under no circumstances initiate any kind of treatment without consulting a doctor.

The portal and/or the people behind the portal can not be held responsible – directly or indirectly – for the consequences, which could be a consequence of the use or misuse of information found on the portal, or information referred to from the portal.

All material found on the portal belong to the owner of the portal – also user-oriented content - whether this is submitted by users or by people linked to the portal. The material must not be used, copied, distributed, sold, or used in any other way without prior written agreement. Material from the portal may in any case be freely used for your own non-commercial purposes under the condition that the content is presented without changes and/or abbreviations. Copyrights must also be clearly marked, just as the portal's name and address is stated as the source.

Especially around user-driven content
Certain sections of the portal is operated by the user-driven content, where users, without any kind of restrictive or effective control can put information into the portal. The compartment structure and the open nature of the internet makes it not possible to lead an effective or rigorous control of this content provided by users, why the portal owners or the people behind also can not be held responsible for this content. This content can only be considered to be an expression of the individual's personal opinion, and should not be construed as a second. Each user is personally responsible for all the content provided to the portal, regardless of the circumstances that may be around the delivery of this content. We strongly encourage all users to apply healthy skepticism, and never any side use information from the portal as a substitute for dialogue with a doctor, or to initiate any form of treatment without consulting a doctor.

We use tredjepartsannonceringsvirksomheder to serve ads when you visit our site. These companies may use information (not including your name, your address, your e-mail address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services which may be of interest. For this to be possible, use is made of a so-called dart-cookie. This technology can be deselected by users. Contact us for information about this subject.

Since the revenue from the ads is part of the portal revenue, which is to ensure the portal's operation and continuous development, it is essential that we get the law to ensure that present all the visitors of the ads we have placed on the portal. We therefore urge our users not to install ad blocking software or other browser plug-ins that either blocks or replaces our ads. And we reserve the right to refuse visitors who are trying to block the ad space or other parts of our website in their browser. The material on the portal and the portal's other services and offers are made solely for the convenience of users who agree to view the ads we insert on the portal.

Advertisers may, however, never influence or have introduced changes in the professional editorial content on the portal. And we reserve the right to choose freely among all the offers of advertising.

What are cookies and why do we use cookies?
When you visit and use the portal, you can at a time automatically receive a so-called cookie. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera or the like). This technology is used on fol.a. to identify the user across the portal, and can also be used to record parts of the user's use and movement on the site.
A cookie can contain data such as text, numbers, or a date, but there are saved no personal information in a cookie.
There is also no talk about a program or the like and a cookie can not contain viruses and is a completely harmless technology.
In most browsers you have the option to delete the cookies, block the receipt of cookies or receive a warning before a cookie is stored on your hard drive. See the instructions for your browser to get more information about these functions.
You should, however, be aware that it will be impossible to access many of the pages if you do not accept cookies and that we in no way guarantee that the service will function optimally if you were to choose to block this very useful technology.

We need your help
You'll encounter as a user of the portal for inappropriate content, or content you of other reasons, considers should be reviewed by the people behind the portal, we encourage you to immediately contact the people behind the portal. Contact details can at any time be found via the portal's front page.

We reserve the right without notice to remove any material we deem to be inappropriate or undesirable in the portal!

You agree as a user not to be subject to, and at the same time recognize the above standing conditions of use, please immediately leave the portal.

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