Is it skoletandplejen who has the responsibility?

10. august 2010  
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My daughter of 18 has just been at her new dentist (after skoletandplejen) and diagnosed with 8 holes, the 4 are serious. The gums are also problems with. The dentist said to her that he does not understand that skoletandplejen not have done or said something, when she was there last. WHAT CAN WE DO? HOW CAN WE DETERMINE WHETHER THERE REALLY ARE 8 HOLES?? IS it skoletandplejen not to have done its work well enough – or is it the other dentist, there are errors on the! WHAT DO WE DO??

looking forward to your reply.



Dear Else,

It is difficult to comment on your question without even having seen the photographs and journal by the school dentist, and now with the new dentist. 8 holes sounds very violently. Talk with the new dentist to get the requested medical record and x-rays of the skoletandplejen, then you can look at it together.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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The elderly do not know to hjemmetandpleje scheme

18. december 2009  
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Hjemmetandplejen is on offer to older people and difficult people with limited mobility, who find it difficult even to give dentistry a visit. However, several hundred elderly in the municipality of Aalborg, miss out on the offer of dental care in the home, because they do not know to the scheme, writes tv2/nord.

Equipped with a small tandlægekuffert can dentist resolve most tasks in the home, which protects the elderly and severely disabled patients for a troublesome trip out of the home. But according to Aalborg Municipality's dentistry, there are a few that make use of the possibility to get the dentist to give your teeth a check out in their own home.

“We suspect that we could have almost twice as many users in the system, if any, as is justified, took the offer,” says dentist Birgit Krabsen from dental care in Aalborg municipality.

Care centers can also avail of the scheme, so that staff at the plejecentrene can concentrate on providing care and support, instead of having to set aside time to accompany the residents one by one to the dentist.

Children in Kalundborg, denmark has more holes than the average

14. september 2009  
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A lokalsamarbejdsudvalg within the municipal dental care warns against a money-saving lifestyle, which puts up to the children first must be summoned to the dental examination at two years of age, instead of as now by a year of age.

Every seventh child lives in a socially deprived home
Lokalsamarbejdsudvalget states that every seventh child in the Kalundborg municipality comes from a socially deprived home, and that this can be read on the cariestallene, writes Nordvestnyt. Staff in municipal dental care in Perth to find more holes in the teeth of local children and young people than the average in the region.

Prevention is the way forward
The committee points out that the latest research shows that prevention is the way forward and the sooner the better. And that it is especially important with an early effort, when there are children from socially deprived home. The works council considers that the adverse developments with the children's dental health will be enhanced, if tandsynet postponed by a year.

Aarhus shedding 70 percent of the skoletandklinikkerne

28. august 2009  
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The great shortage of dentists, and the children's improved dental health, get now Aarhus municipality to change the current structure of the tandplejeområdet. Skoletandklinikkerne be reduced by approx. 70 percent and dentists must be in a storklinikker.

The city council of Aarhus municipality decided Wednesday evening to gather skoletandlægerne on 10-16 storklinikker, instead of the current 43 less skoleklinikker distributed on the city's 49 public schools, writes jyllands-posten. At the schools which in the future will be without a dentist, there will instead be clinics with dental hygienists and dental assistants to provide preventive dental care.

The new structure of the tandplejeområdet will be implemented over the next 10 years, and the reason is, besides the fact that it is difficult to get dentists to the municipality, to the children in Aarhus have fewer and fewer holes.

The previous structure dating back to the 1970s, where a dentist only treated 400 children and young people, where they today must take care of around 1,500 children and young people. In the 1970’s got children and young people in Aarhus in the average drilled in the five teeth per year. Today the average is small with 0.7 wells per year. The expectation is that in the future only will need 30 dentists in municipal dental care in Aarhus.

The new development on the tandplejeområdet in the municipality of Aarhus is also a consequence of the increasing tandlægemangel. And that trend goes towards fewer and larger clinics where there are more dentists working in teams. Many young dentists prefer the community they find at a clinic with several dentists.

The social democrats and the SF are skeptical about structural change
“We are in favour of the setting, but we will have a security that you place a part of the future of the dental clinics, where there is a need. They must not be added after a spredekam, but where the need is greatest,” said Steen B. Andersen (S), to the Danish newspaper jyllands-posten. Steen was so worried for the new model, that he also wanted an evaluation after the first year.

One of the greatest challenges facing the new model on the tandplejeområdet is the so-called socially disadvantaged groups, who typically get more tooth decay than their peers. They must have a positive discrimination in relation to where the future storklinikker must be placed in the municipality.

Claus Thomasbjerg (SF), said to jyllands-posten that he is concerned that the children in the future need to spend time on transport to get to the dentist.

“Many parents have to take time off at work to get their children to the dentist. It can mean that they pull tandlægebehandlingen out, until it fits with their work”, argued Claus Thomasbjerg on.

SF suggested that the soft change up, so that the larger units should be supplemented by four mobile tandlægeenheder, which can run around to the clinics.

Gert Bjerregaard from the liberal party (venstre pointed out, like For Steen B. Andersen, that the clinics should be in areas where there is the greatest need, and that there also needs to be easy access to public transport in the areas.

“So we avoid that children spend too much time on transport, and it takes time from the teaching,” said Gert Bjerregaard to jyllands-posten, and highlighted that the main objective of the new structure is that dentists need to work in larger units in order to learn from each other and gain experience.

The location and cost of the big clinics
There is yet to name the schools that will house the new storklinikker. But in Aarhus municipality's report on the new structure are the following schools are referred to as commandments in the schools, which in future will house the large clinics, Møllevangskolen, Vejlby School, Moscow School, Tovshøjskolen, Kragelundskolen and Vestergårdskolen.

The major dental clinics must have three to five tandlægehold, and the cost of establishment of a single storklinik is expected to be around 8.5 million. kr. The total cost for the new tandlægestruktur is expected to reach 100 million. kr. as well as an unknown amount in transportation costs of vulnerable children.

Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring

Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring covers, according to the rules of complaint and erstatningsloven, damages in connection with the examination and treatment by dentists.

Here you can read about how the system works for you as a patient. This guide can only be seen as a simplified introduction into the rules, since it would be too extensive to have all the details. You should consult with your own dentist if you want further information.

You will also find the whole scheme described on Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikrings website.

The insurance covers
Injuries occurring in the period after the 1. January 2004 are covered, if it is made in connection with treatment by a private practice dentist or in connection with the treatment of Regionstandplejen (ex. Amtstandplejen), in the municipal tandplejeordninger or at one of the universities ' dental schools.

Is the injury happened before 1. January 2004, is only covered if it is made in connection with treatment by a private dentist.

When you get the replacement
Although the compensation scheme only covers the damages done in connection with the examination and treatment by a dentist. You have however the possibility to obtain compensation, even though the damage is not due to the fault from the dentist's side.

If you suffered an injury in connection with a dental treatment, compensation may be awarded if it is deemed that the damage is a strong likelihood that is caused in one of the following ways:

  • If the damage could have been avoided by a different treatment, which in the given situation would have been the best possible.
  • If the damage is due to fault or failure in the technical equipment and tools.
  • If the damage could have been avoided by using another equally effective treatment, technique or method.
  • If the damage is very rare, and serious in relation to the illness being treated, and thus goes beyond what you should reasonably tolerate.

Time period
In order to be entitled to damages, should the damage be notified no later than five years after you have got acquainted with it. There must not be more than ten years have passed since the injury was sustained.

In case of accident
You will come to harm during an accident at a dentist's office, which is not a part of the professional treatment, for example. by falling on a slippery floor, can only be compensated, if there is a fault from the clinic's side.

What compensation is available for
Compensation is paid according to the rules of Erstatningsansvarsloven.

  • Compensation is paid for the cost of repairing the damage, ie. the extra costs that are a result of the damage.
  • In addition, there may be compensation for other expenses that are a result of the injury, as the costs of medicine.
  • There can be compensation for loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity. In addition, there may be granted compensation for pain and suffering and for permanent injury.
  • There is normally provided only for compensation, if the compensation is greater than 1,000 kr. For any damages in connection with the treatment of regionstandplejen, the municipal tandplejeordninger or on the universities ' dental schools will only be provided compensation, if the amount is over $ 10,000.

What is not eligible for compensation
There will be no compensation for the cost of the treatment you came for to get made. These costs are always for own account. The same applies, if the treatment will have to be done, because of one reason or another, failed.

You also can not obtain compensation for the consequences of the accident or illness you have received treatment for, or if the treatment has not led to the expected result.

If you for some reason believe that the treatment has been inadequate, you can possibly. require the fee paid back. This requirement will then not be covered by the insurance, but must be made in connection with a complaint to tandlægenævnet in your region.
Tandlægenævnet will then take a decision as to whether you should get the money again for the treatment you have received and wish to complain.

Read more about how you complaints to the regional tandlægenævn.

How to seek compensation
If you believe that you have the right to compensation, you or together with your dentist fill out a skadesanmeldelsesblanket and send it to:

Tandlægeforeningens Patientskadeforsikring
Svanemøllevej 85
DK-2900 Hellerup

The processing time will normally be between eight and twelve weeks – in complex cases there must be expected a somewhat longer processing time.

Are you unhappy with the decision in your case, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision to:

Svanemøllevej 85, 1. floor
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel. 39 46 34 00

School introduces common tooth brushing to the morning assembly

10. June 2009  
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Despite the fact that the students at Frøslev-Padborg Skole is good for brushing the teeth, several of the students comprehensive acid injuries to the teeth. The Municipal Dental care has now put the focus on the problem with the project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth”, and have therefore introduced the common tooth brushing in the entire month of June.

Dentures before the age of 18 years
On Førslev-Padborg School they have more students who already have severe acid injuries to the teeth. Continuing students with the high consumption of sweet drinks, especially cola, many of the students could wave goodbye to their teeth and could say hello to dentures, already before the age of 18 years. There are found acid injuries to the teeth in every sixth child under the age of 18 years and the problem is increasing.

Both dentists and dental hygienists can tell you that at Frøslev-Padborg Skole suffering many children of acid injuries. And a possible reason for the problems at this school may be due to the close location to the many tempting offers from grænsebutikkerne, selling cheap sweets, juices and soft drinks are available in mega sizes.

Project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth”
In order to focus on acid injuries the municipal dental care shot the project “Stop acid injuries” in time at Frøslev-Padborg Skole. The project was launched on 2. June with big tandbørstningsdag, where all pupils were given a vanddunk, toothbrush and toothpaste. Secondly, there were common tooth brushing in the great hall.

Fælles tandbørstning til morgensamlingen

Common tooth brushing to the morning assembly

The project will continue throughout the month of June, where the municipal dental care will try to put the focus on the acid injuries and get the tooth brushing at the program each morning. To morgensamlingerne the students will continually get more information on how they can avoid acid injuries.

Every Monday and Thursday there is a common brushing while the students are allowed to look at a power-point presentation with images of acid injuries, diet and tandbørsteinstruktion. Brochures and other promotional material handed out also to the students. Like the municipal dental care will be present every Monday and Thursday. Who will the other days of the week be the common tooth brushing in the classroom.

At the school's library will throughout the period be an exhibition on diet and drinks. In total there will be two exhibitions, one on sugar and one on the PH-the acid in the drinks. The project team has also made the banner, posters and brochures to the students. And a message is also sent to each home on the project.

Frøslev-Padborg Skole will in the period be completely free of juices, soft drinks, and other acidic drinks. And the school canteen, “the Stall”, will in the period to only sell water and milk, and other non-acidic drink. The parents have also got a call for active participation, like all parents are welcome to the events.

The project ends on Wednesday, 24. June, with common brushing and evaluation of the project. A part of the project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth” will dentistry also use at other schools than Frøslev-Padborg School, to the extent that it can be done.

Municipal dental care in free-decay

21. may 2009  
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The dental chair that is patched with gaffa-tape which in the processing must be supported with klinikassistentens knees to fall together. It can the 840 children on the waiting list in the north Funen municipality can look forward to.

Follow the fylde is equipped in the nordfynske municipal dental care in so strongly decline that it is purely and simply fell apart, if not for the gaffa-tape and klinikassistenternes physical support during treatment. Also boremaskinerne are so damaged that they overopheder, foot controls also must be repaired with gaffa-tape and outdated headrests as dental assistants must keep up with the knees to ensure that the greater children's heads does not suddenly fall over during treatment.

North funen Municipality acknowledges the problem
In an internal survey, more than half of the municipality's 12 the dental chair with the related equipment, which is in the municipality's four dental clinics, dumpekarakter. The chairs are so old that one can no longer obtain spare parts. And last year alone ran the maintenance up in 124.000 euros.

In addition to the extensive problems with the equipment on the municipality's dental clinics, is currently not less than 840 children on a waiting list for everything from general investigation to the hanger-treatment.

North funen municipality of dentistry

15. may 2009  
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There are clinics in the Arlington, Alexandria, Otterup and Søndersø.

Look in the menu to the right to find your way, address, tel.

On dentistry:

We can help children and parents to keep the teeth healthy.

The goal is to develop good habits to ensure healthy teeth and good tyggefunktion entire life.

Orthodontic treatment offered to children who meet the eligibility criteria according to the national board of health ordinance.

All children are searched by the orthodontist.

Water municipal dental care

Municipal clinics:

Tandklinikken in Bogense
Gyldensteensvej 2
5400 Bogense
Telephone: 64 82 87 90

Tandklinikken in Morud
Rugårdsvej 727
5462 Morud
Telephone: 65 96 44 30

Tandklinikken in Otterup
Jernbanegade 5
5450 Otterup
Telephone: 64 82 86 26

Tandklinikken in Søndersø
Nordmarksvej 6
5471 Søndersø
Telephone: 64 82 84 40

Billund municipality's dentistry

15. may 2009  
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Billund municipal Dental care
Tinghusgade 7
7200 Grindsted
Tel.: 72 13 12 11

On dentistry:

Children and young people up to 18 years the offer of free municipal dental care. The offer includes the prevention, examination and all necessary dental treatments.
Your child is automatically enrolled in The Municipal Dental care and will be convened by one of our clinics, when it is time to overhaul.
Examination and treatment are done at one of the 5 dental clinics, which are scattered in the Municipality. You can freely choose the clinic and the therapist within the Children and ungdomstandplejen

Billund municipal dental care

Municipal clinics:

Southern School
Tinghusgade 7
7200 Grindsted
Tel. 72 13 12 11

London clinic
Kærvej 503
7190 Billund
Tel. 72 13 17 80

Vestre school dental clinic
Western School
Fælledvej 3
7200 Grindsted
Tel. 72 13 12 11


Ballerup municipality's dentistry

15. may 2009  
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Tandplejens administration
Platanbuen 1, dynamic C 3, 1. floor
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 3876

On dentistry:

In the Ballerup Municipality, we offer child and youth dental services contacted and the elderly - and omsorgstandpleje. Our goal is that you are satisfied and use us, so your teeth can last a lifetime. Read more including.

Copenhagen municipal dental care

Municipal clinics:

Tandklinikken on Egebjergskolen
Egebjergvang 80
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 3951

Tandklinikken at Grantofteskolen
Platanbuen 1, tower C 2, 1.floor
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 3890

Dentistry at Hedegårdsskolen
Magleparken 14
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 3763

Tandklinikken on Lundebjergskolen
Lundebjerg 72
2740 Skovlunde
Tel. 4477 3950

Tandklinikken new york school
Kratvej 14
2760 Måløv
Tel. 4477 3952

Tandklinikken at Rosenlundskolen
Ejbyvej 47
2740 Skovlunde
Tel. 4477 3931

Tandklinikken on Rugvængets school
Rugvænget 10B
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 3878

Tandklinikken on Østerhøjskolen
Klakkebjerg 4
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 3630

Center for Orthodontics
Baltorpvej 20B
2750 Ballerup, denmark
Tel. 4477 6400

Assens municipality's dentistry

15. may 2009  
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Tandplejens administration
Skelvej 29
5610 Assens

On dentistry:

Assens Municipality have municipal clinics in Assens and Tommerup. In addition, there are concluded cooperation agreements with a number of practicing dentists.

Assens municipal dental care

Municipal Clinics:

Skelvej 29
5610 Assens
Tel. 64 74 66 26

Stadionvænget 2
5690 Tommerup
Tel. 64 74 66 20

The municipality of dentistry

15. may 2009  
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Contact Dentistry local, if you have any questions about your child's dental care:
Info about dental care in your local area

On dentistry:

More info at:
Aarhus municipal dental care

Municipal clinics:

Dentistry Aarhus consists of many municipal dental clinics.

Info on each clinic is available on

Allerød municipality's dentistry

15. may 2009  
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Allerød Municipality's Dentistry
Cafes 1 A
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 36 85

On dentistry:

In dentistry, we create a safe environment for your child, so it is positive to come with us.

We have extensive experience and training in børnetandpleje and dealings with children and young people.

We are committed to support and advise you about tandplejevaner, which can preserve teeth healthy throughout life.

We follow tandskiftet and kæbernes growth, any orthodontic treatment can be carried out at the time that is best for your child.

We take into account the individual's needs, planning surveys, preventive activities and treatment needed.

We put emphasis on collaboration with the home – even when the children themselves come to the clinic.

Copenhagen municipal dental care

Municipal clinics:

Blovstrød School dental clinic
Kærvej 10, Blovstrød
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 11 30

Engholmskolens dental clinic
Rådhusvej 5
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 56 10

Lillerød School dental clinic
Frederiksborgvej 65
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 21 61

Lynge School dental clinic
At The Village Pond 15
3540 Lynge
Tel. 48 18 80 19

Ravnsholtskolens dental clinic
Søparken 1
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 52 01

Skovvangskolens dental clinic
Cafes 1 A
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 36 85

Rådhusvej 5
3450 Allerød
Tel. 48 17 49 88

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