Is it skoletandplejen who has the responsibility?

10. august 2010  
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My daughter of 18 has just been at her new dentist (after skoletandplejen) and diagnosed with 8 holes, the 4 are serious. The gums are also problems with. The dentist said to her that he does not understand that skoletandplejen not have done or said something, when she was there last. WHAT CAN WE DO? HOW CAN WE DETERMINE WHETHER THERE REALLY ARE 8 HOLES?? IS it skoletandplejen not to have done its work well enough – or is it the other dentist, there are errors on the! WHAT DO WE DO??

looking forward to your reply.



Dear Else,

It is difficult to comment on your question without even having seen the photographs and journal by the school dentist, and now with the new dentist. 8 holes sounds very violently. Talk with the new dentist to get the requested medical record and x-rays of the skoletandplejen, then you can look at it together.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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Children in Kalundborg, denmark has more holes than the average

14. september 2009  
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A lokalsamarbejdsudvalg within the municipal dental care warns against a money-saving lifestyle, which puts up to the children first must be summoned to the dental examination at two years of age, instead of as now by a year of age.

Every seventh child lives in a socially deprived home
Lokalsamarbejdsudvalget states that every seventh child in the Kalundborg municipality comes from a socially deprived home, and that this can be read on the cariestallene, writes Nordvestnyt. Staff in municipal dental care in Perth to find more holes in the teeth of local children and young people than the average in the region.

Prevention is the way forward
The committee points out that the latest research shows that prevention is the way forward and the sooner the better. And that it is especially important with an early effort, when there are children from socially deprived home. The works council considers that the adverse developments with the children's dental health will be enhanced, if tandsynet postponed by a year.

Municipal dental care in free-decay

21. may 2009  
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The dental chair that is patched with gaffa-tape which in the processing must be supported with klinikassistentens knees to fall together. It can the 840 children on the waiting list in the north Funen municipality can look forward to.

Follow the fylde is equipped in the nordfynske municipal dental care in so strongly decline that it is purely and simply fell apart, if not for the gaffa-tape and klinikassistenternes physical support during treatment. Also boremaskinerne are so damaged that they overopheder, foot controls also must be repaired with gaffa-tape and outdated headrests as dental assistants must keep up with the knees to ensure that the greater children's heads does not suddenly fall over during treatment.

North funen Municipality acknowledges the problem
In an internal survey, more than half of the municipality's 12 the dental chair with the related equipment, which is in the municipality's four dental clinics, dumpekarakter. The chairs are so old that one can no longer obtain spare parts. And last year alone ran the maintenance up in 124.000 euros.

In addition to the extensive problems with the equipment on the municipality's dental clinics, is currently not less than 840 children on a waiting list for everything from general investigation to the hanger-treatment.

Skoletandpleje can prevent bad lifestyle

4. april 2009  
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”Children with many dental problems often have other health problems. Therefore skoletandplejen be a key player in the fight against inequality in health.”

In a new sundhedsoplæg from the conservative social and sundhedsordfører Vivi Kier, put the conservatives now up to skoletandplejen needs to be more active in the fight against what they call for inequality in health.

Børnetandplejen must be a central part of a coordinated effort between skoletandplejen, the municipal health care and other relevant social authorities, and on the way try to prevent many lifestyle diseases at an early stage in the child's life.

In following the conservative sundhedsoplæg must skoletandplejen in the future to prevent lifestyle diseases such as obesity and smoking. Among other things, argues in the conservative social and sundhedsordfører Vivi Kier to the municipal dentists are the healthcare professionals, who are regularly in contact with children and their parents until the children become of age.

“Skoletandplejen can focus on a number of trends, bl.a. unfortunate eating habits, poor dental hygiene and the onset of obesity already from kindergarten, that is why we need their help.”

The conservatives want the paper to make the scheme nationwide and will be extended to include dental care up in adulthood.

Read the entire proposal here: A healthy life – for the weakest