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Is the refusal of the new treatment reasonable?


Hello! I was at my dentist,fitted a gundkrone on a tooth for approx. two years ago, the price was approx. 6000kr. For approx. 3 months. ago,
broken root of the tooth, where the golden crown was mounted on, and there was no other way, than to pull the tooth out.
My dentist will give me 3300kr back, but only on the condition that I have inserted an implant to approx. 18000kr.Ie. that I no replacement get, if I can not pay the remaining approx.15000kr. I know that my question is more law than dentistry, but hope you can answer me on whether this is reasonable, and possible. can you tell me what rights I have the mht. compensation?



Dear Tommy,

There is no guarantee the treatment. If you think it is unfair or considers the treatment is not good enough, there is the opportunity to complain. In my opinion, is the offer you have received from your dentist is reasonable, as he is not obliged to give a reduction in price.

You can read more about how to complain about a dentist or treatment here

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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