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There is no warranty on the work performed?


I have lost a gold crown put on a broken tooth. Thus, it has only been cast on the rest of the tooth that was left. It is about a year ago, I got it made.
Is the dentist be liable ift. to repair the damage, so put the crown on again without payment, or is there no guarantee on work performed?
I have the crown, so it should be that low again, without the vast processing; images, etc.

Thank you in advance!



Dear Mike,

There is no warranty for the dental treatment. If you believe that you have been a model, you have the opportunity to complain about a dentist or treatment.

It is also not unusual that one puts a penny on anything resttand. I don't know what you have agreed. But if you have the crown, and not broken any more of the tooth, so I think that you need to seek out your dentist and have it put on again. The dentist is not obligated to repair the damage without compensation.

You can read more about how to complain about a dental treatment here.

(See below). also other questions in the letterbox that deals with complaints.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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