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Is the oral mucosa good to reconstruct itself?



I got rid of a mucosele for about 3 months ago. Since the dentist had suspected that there was still something of mucoselet back I had removed a little more 2 months later, which turned out to be scar tissue that lay back (was quite a few millimeters). Now it's a month ago and it has healed fine but is a notch down in the upper layers of the skin which gives a wrinkle all the way on the outside of the lip. I am of course very sorry.
Therefore, I would ask if it ever loosens up or “grow up” so that the checkmark/rynken disappear? is the oral mucosa usually good to “reconstruct” themselves?
Many thanks for your help!

greetings Anne


Dear Anne,

Usually is the oral mucosa good to reconstruct itself, but when there is talk about scar tissue, so this suggests that it will not do it. I think that if you have the genes by this, then you should speak with your dentist. Find out whether he/she can help you or will refer you to a specialist.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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