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2 year old, and the hole in the teeth??


Sitting here with the worst feeling ever... the Feeling of, to be the worst mother!!!
My daughter, 2 years old, has had “teething problems” with regards to teeth brushing... It was with the “abuse” that I had brushed her teeth. But the last few years there is progress, as long as she is a part of it, and looking in the mirror... And ends ALWAYS with yourself, to brush her teeth... But for a small månedes ago, I saw that she had something black between her bottom teeth... Thought it was something the spice of a kind, which was stuck... But after repeated attempts, to get it away, it will not go away... I have tried dental floss, toothpick, but it will be there.... Unfortunately.... Is it mon holes my daughter has? And how are gaps in young children.... Is really destroyed over that I may have to postpone my little girl for such a place, just because her mother is an ass..... Hope you will reply my mail....
Hugs from Marlene


Dear Marlene,

I can well understand your frustration. I think you should get a børnetandlæge or dental hygienist to look at your daughter's teeth if you are so worried. It do not necessarily have to be a hole in the tooth even if there is no black on the tooth. It may be any discoloration or arrested caries.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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